10 Denim Brands From Nordstrom Your Wardrobe Needs

There is no better feeling than putting on your favorite pair of jeans. Of all of my classic fashion staples, a good pair of jeans is on the top of my list. The way you can pair them with virtually anything, dress them up or down, how flattering the denim fabric is… I could go on and on. Through years of being a fashion student, stylist, and now editor, I have tried basically every denim brand out there. 

Finding your new pair of favorite jeans can be difficult with so many options, cuts, and washes, but don’t worry. I’ve got you. Whenever I’m adding to my denim collection, my go-to place is Nordstrom since it carries all of my favorite brands and has so many other options when I want to try out a new one. 

Since I’m all about sharing, keep scrolling for the brands I’ll never stop buying.


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