10 Slip Dress Outfits You Know We’ll Be Copying This Year

Whether it’s “Oui” or “Non,” I trust French women to tell it how it is when it comes to anything fashion. In the case of the slip dress, the answer is a loud and united “Oui.” I wanted to do a little experiment and find out which dress style all of the French girls on my Instagram feed were depending on. Amongst babydoll silhouettes and puff-sleeves, I noticed that slip dresses were the one item that all of my favorite fashion girls across the pond were leaning on.

I can’t think of a more dependable item in my wardrobe than the classic slip dress. It literally has gone everywhere with me, from late nights to exciting trips with friends and even to bed! It’s funny to think that the item that has become such a routine out and about piece for us was originally initiated as nothing but a sleeping gown. Well, we can thank the ’90s for changing that.

Spotted on cultural icons from experimentative Kate Moss to the traditional Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy this dress was truly made for any woman. I’m sure you already have a slip dress or two in your closet so this article will surely come in handy. Have a little scroll and you’ll discover 10 new ways to wear yours, and a few new ones worth buying into. 

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