18 Beauty Products With Glowing, Word-of-Mouth Reviews

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about beauty (what else) with my lovely co-worker Schuyler Youngstrom, Who What Wear’s Sr. Manager of Email, SMS & Partnerships. At the time, she was wrapping up an “I Tried It” story where she used the buzzy sculpting tool Hailey Bieber swears by, for a month straight, to see if the hype and results were as incredible as Bieber (and countless other celebs) have touted them to be. 

I won’t give away the results—you’ll have to read all about it here—but the whole concept of trying products based on word of mouth and/or social media influence was interesting to us. As someone who is forced to read WWW’s beauty content each and every day as part of her job, Schuyler confirmed that our glowing product reviews have convinced her to buy on more than one occasion, and eventually, her reviews of the products she’s tried because of us, have influenced people in her own circle to buy and try. And so the cycle goes. 

Obviously, we are still living in comparatively remote times so “word-of-mouth” may look more like “word-of-reading-or-watching” but the influence of people we trust sharing their favorite beauty discoveries isn’t lost on us. (I’m sure you can relate.) So many stories are born out of conversations I have with my co-workers, and this one is no different! After talking with Schuyler I was inspired to reach out to a bunch of different people who work at WWW (from our amazing Creative team to our ultra-fab People team) to see which beauty products they’ve been influenced to buy solely based on good ‘ol word-of-mouth gushing. Keep scrolling! 18 outstanding beauty finds we’ve unearthed through friends, significant others, co-workers, TikTok, and more, are just below.

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