18 Drugstore Products I Use to Calm My Red, Sensitive Skin

Sometimes, keeping my skin in check feels like a full-time job. It’s sensitive, it’s prone to redness (hello, rosacea), and it’s easily irritated. And while I’ll never complain about being a beauty writer and getting to test new and exciting skincare products, I will say that it can be a little taxing on the already-delicate state of my skin. 

Luckily, though, after a lot of time and trial and error, I’ve found a routine that works for me. It’s a mix of high and low products that simultaneously soothe irritation (or at the very least don’t add to it) and deliver active ingredients, too. And when I say high and low, I mean it. Some of my products cost a pretty penny, but others cost less than dinner and drinks. In fact, some of my most-used products cost less than $25. It’s proof that skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep scrolling to see 18 under-$25 products I use to care for my sensitive, redness-prone skin. 

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