25 Easy and Trendy Fashion Items to Add to Your Closet

I may shop all day for a living, but I still get so much joy out of giving shopping advice to friends that don’t really have time to shop but love having new things to wear (and who doesn’t?). I honestly don’t even remember how I shopped before I worked in fashion—it can be so time-consuming. But these days, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of what’s out there and what’s worth buying, so you can see why I get so excited when friends ask me for help—I want someone to buy all the cute things I see all the time because I can’t buy them all.

For my friend’s list, I focused on trend-forward items that are easy to style. She has a busy schedule and is out and about a lot and needed casual polished items. Below, you’ll find my extensive list of recommendations, many of which may catch your attention as well, as they’re wearable, chic, and reasonably priced. Scroll to find out if your next purchase awaits.

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