29 Cool Fashion Picks That Are Revamping Our Wardrobes

Two kids and a pandemic later, I am not afraid to admit that I am in major need of a closet overhaul. Lately, I have subsisted on hoodies, leggings, and the like, but it’s time to up the cool factor of my closet in time for spring. I will continue to be loyal to comfort-first dressing, so the goal is to keep an eye out for cool picks that are comfortable without sacrificing style. Extra points if the pieces provide a dopamine hit with a lingering confidence boost.

My main approach in this search was to single out my favorite go-to basics and find an updated, more modern take on each piece. Think button-down shirts, denim, sandals, simple tote bags, and more. From there, I looked to add in trendier selections that would help give these updated basics a much-needed edge, such as of-the-moment sneakers, touches of color (hello, green!) or print, and other chic details.

Keep scrolling to shop 29 cool picks that have inspired my spring closet refresh. Beware: Your virtual cart is about to be overflowing.

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