4 Trendy Basics That Will Upgrade Your Closet

I sort through my closet on a regular basis in an effort to keep it fresh. If I am getting rid of a bunch of items, I typically won’t replace them with an equal amount. It’s all about a tighter edit for me. That said, if I do a larger purge, I will sometimes add a few key items to mix it up. And that’s exactly what I just did. I thought my closet felt a little stale—especially on the basics front—so I decided to add in four trendier basics.

The versatile and forward items in question are actually all front-runners for many of my colleagues as well. It makes perfect sense given that they’re all easy to style and feel of-the-moment. Keep scrolling to check out the four basics I’m into right now, complete with visual inspiration from my fellow fashion editors. There are also shopping recommendations if you’re into one of the basics.

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