45 of the Best Picks from the River Island Sale at Nordstrom

Some sales have big blowout moments, like Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale or Amazon’s Prime Day. There’s a ton of build up and PR, and to be honest, sometimes it can consequently feel overwhelming and or quickly picked over. That’s why I’m a big fan of the sly little side sale (don’t forget to bookmark the page with all of our sale coverage). Usually they’re not hyped up a ton, and accordingly actually has a ton of hidden gems. Nordstrom’s River Island sale falls in that category—25% off now through February 2nd—so I had to take a peek, and was actually surprised at how many great items I found. I scrolled through all fourteen pages of products and culled the best here, all while taking mental notes about which products I’m going to text to my friends. The sale just got started, so start scrolling while the getting is good, and before my friends get there!

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