7 Designer Shoes We’re Freaking Over for Spring


Simon Brzoska (The Style Stalker)

Without a doubt, there’s always one thing I’ll never regret spending money on—ahem, shoes. I can buy into a trend and find it’s not worth the hype, or I can splurge on a pair of jeans only to hate the way they fit my curves, but shoes never disappoint. So, it’s only logical that investing in a pair of designer shoes is never a bad call. Of course, there are endless options of trendy heels and cool sneakers, so where does one even start? Ahead, I’m spilling what seven designer shoes are on my radar, based on which ones have reached cult status on Instagram and which shoe trends I’m betting will be big in the coming months.

If you’re not ready to invest quite yet, I’ve also shared 28 alternative affordable shoes that are just as chic. Either way, I’ve got you covered in the shoe department so you can spend less time stressing about what to buy and more time strutting in your new favorite shoes (thank me later).

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