8 Outdated Denim Styles and 8 We’re Wearing in 2022

We were discussing our beloved denim collections the other day and came to the conclusion that no matter what kind of intense budget we’re adhering to, we will always splurge on jeans. One editor has over 20 pairs and another on its way to join the party as we write this. The reason for our dedication to splurging on jeans is not at all for vanity purposes. Most people can’t really tell how much you’ve spent on yours, and if we were looking to impress in that way, we’d do it with a stunning handbag collection. However, the quality will be very clear to you as the wearer of the jeans. Cheap pairs can rip apart quickly or not flatter the body quite right. We also have our hearts set on jeans because they never go out of style, the cost per wear is crazy (we’re talking pennies), and investing in good basics will never leave you with regrets. 

Trends come and go, so please no sour faces if we’ve called out the pair of blue jeans you wear for every social gathering. Don’t stress too much about it. But since we’re picky fashion editors and are always swapping new styles in and out of our closets, we have to report to you what we’re dropping off at Goodwill at the moment. You may find a trendy pick here or there, but below, you’ll see that we fashion editors love the classics. Everyone can benefit from just one or two of the below picks in their closet. We’re now going to send you on your way to find that new favorite pair that you’re about to become obsessed with. Have fun!

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