9 Super Comfortable Clothing Items That Are Stylish Too

Sometimes getting dressed just does not feel like it is in the cards for the day. What should you do when putting on “real clothes” is not working for you, but you cannot possibly wear yet another sweatsuit for the umpteenth time? We all face this predicament, even fashion editors. That’s why it is key to have stylish clothes that are just as easy as your favorite sweatsuit. Trust us, being well-dressed doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. 

Our editors know that the key to effortless style is finding pieces that feel as good as they look. So we asked around about the comfiest clothes they wear, and the rave reviews rushed in. Because if there is anything an editor loves more, it is gushing about their latest and greatest fashion find. From the softest sweaters that feel like you are wrapped in a cashmere blanket to actually comfortable leather pants (yes, it is not often you see ‘comfortable’ and ‘leather’ being used in the same sentence, but here us out), these are the most supremely comfortable clothes our editors wear. Keep reading for excellent options that are a must-have in your wardrobe. 

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