BTOD Akir Mesh Office Chair (Review / Rating / Pricing)

This review will feature our BTOD Akir chair. The Akir chair can be a nice option for those of you that are looking for a mid-priced chair that has the comfort and ergonomic adjustments to compete with the brand name chairs that can cost over $1,000.

While the Akir chair is one of our picks for the most comfortable office chairs, it does have some potential downsides. In order for the chair to cost under $600, there has to be some trade-offs.

In this review, we will take a closer look at the Akir, going over the upsides and the downsides so you can decide if the Akir is a good chair for your needs.

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BTOD Akir Review Snapshot


Ergonomic Adjustments


  • Good ergonomic adjustments
  • Good armrest adjustability
  • Great seat comfort
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Strong warranty
  • Headrest option


  • Lower end build quality
  • Can feel frame on backrest when leaning
  • Arms do not go very low



The BTOD Akir chair is a chair that we have chosen to sell under our own brand at It is made for by Buzz Seating. Buzz Seating is located in Cincinnati, OH and they have been in business for over 15 years. Buzz imports mid-market office chairs and focuses on shipping them quickly and selling them for an affordable price.

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BTOD Akir Ergonomic Mesh Chair
BTOD Akir Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Country of Origin

Made in Taiwan

Overall Dimensions: 27”W x 27”D x 37”- 44.5”H
Standard Seat Height: 16” – 21”
Standard Seat Dimensions: 21.5”W x 20-22.25”D
Back Dimensions: 21”W x 23.5”H
Distance Between Arms: 15” – 19.75”
Arm Height from Seat: 5.75” – 9”
Base Dimensions:  27” Diameter
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
Chair Weight: 45 lbs.
Shipping Box Dimensions: 32” x 26” x 14”
Shipping Box Weight: 57 lbs.


Pneumatic seat height adjustment
Synchro tilt mechanism
Mesh backrest
Seat depth adjustment
4-way adjustable arms
Adjustable lumbar support
Tilt lock
Tension control

2022 Starting Price

$579.99 + Free Shipping allows returns on the Akir chair within the first 30 days of ownership. The chair must be returned in the original packaging. There are no restocking fees but you will be responsible for the return shipping charges.


The Akir comes with a solid warranty, especially for a chair that costs less than $600. It has a limited lifetime warranty with the only limitation being the foam and fabric, which is covered for five years. If something becomes defective, new parts will be sent for no charge. It will be your responsibility to swap out the parts.

The Akir typically ships within 5-7 business days and then arrives a few days after it ships. The chair will arrive via UPS or FedEx ground. The box is not overly large, but it does weigh almost 60 pounds. I would recommend having someone on hand to help you move the box into your office or home.


You will be required to put most of the Akir chair together when it arrives. There are 13 screws total and all of the tools required for assembly are included in the box.

You will need to attach the arms, the mechanism, and backrest. You then need to pop in the wheels, drop the cylinder in the base and then place the top half of the chair onto the bottom half. The total installation time will take most people 20-30 minutes.

The Akir chair is made in Taiwan and features a mid-range build quality. With a score of 55/100, it is ranked quite a bit lower than other high-end chairs, like the Aeron or Leap. But, it is also going to score higher than a lot of lesser quality chairs coming out of China.

Akir Base
Akir Base

In order to keep the cost low, there are some more basic components. The standard plastic base, casters and armrests are all lower end. The arms are 4-way adjustable, but they do not feel as solid as higher end models.

Akir Armrests
Akir Armrests

The mesh and upholstery are mid-market quality. The mesh is not as soft as the mesh on chairs like the Ergohuman, but it is a big step up in quality over almost every chair we have reviewed at a lower price point.

Akir Mesh Close Up
Akir Mesh Close Up

The Akir chair does have some things that add good value to a chair at a sub $600 price point. The polished black back frame gives the chair a higher end look and the overall adjustability, provided by the mechanism, is up there with some of the most adjustable chairs we have tested.

Akir Adjustment Mechanism
Akir Adjustment Mechanism

Our scope of users category measures how much of the population a chair will fit properly. The Akir did ok with a score of 63/100.

The Akir does a couple things well. The Akir has seat depth adjustment, which ensures that a wide range of people will have their seat at the proper distance behind their legs.

The Akir has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which is higher than the standard 250 capacity found on standard chairs. It also has 4-way adjustable arms, which helps it to adapt to a wider range of people.

While the 4-way arms are nice, the range they offer is not as generous as higher end models, which is why it didn’t score as high in this category. Another thing that held the Akir back is that it’s seat height range is 18″-22″, which is on the taller side of chairs selected. People under 5’8″ will want to go with the shorter cylinder, which will get the seat height down to 17″ but you may still want to go with a footrest.

In my opinion, the best thing about the Akir is its seat. It is the one thing that everyone in our office comments on when they sit in the chair. We score seat comfort by letting everyone in our office try the seat, score it and then we average the scores. The Akir currently has the highest seat comfort score we have given at 85/100.

Akir Top of Seat View
Akir Top of Seat View
Akir Front of Seat View
Akir Front of Seat View

The seat is large and you cannot feel the frame on any portion of the seat. The one thing that really makes the seat on the Akir comfy is the padding. The padding is thick and really soft. It is not a firm sitting experience. The foam gives a lot but it is thick enough that it does not bottom out. Overall, this is a nice seat for people that want something soft and cushy.

Akir Seat Softness
Akir Seat Softness

Back support is another category that we score by averaging the scores given by everyone in our office. The Akir was given a solid score of 76/100. This placed it in the top portion of chairs we have reviewed.

The back has some nice things going for it. The mesh backrest is breathable and flexible. This keeps you from getting hot in the chair and it also conforms to whoever is sitting in the chair.

Akir Front of Backrest
Akir Front of Backrest

The backrest also has a wide range of recline and four locking positions. The Akir allows you to sit fully upright and in a locked position. It also allows you to recline back freely if you’d like.

Akir Side View of Backrest
Akir Side View of Backrest

The final reason that the Akir did well in the back support category is that it has an adjustable lumbar support system. The lumbar support is softly padded so it is comfortable against your back. You have a good height adjustment range, so you are able to put it in the perfect position for you. One minor complaint I do have is that it is not very easy to adjust while you are sitting in the chair.

Akir Backrest with Lumbar Support System
Akir Backrest with Lumbar Support System
Close Up of Akir Lumbar Support
Close Up of Akir Lumbar Support

A couple of reasons why the Akir did not score higher for back support is that the mesh is coarser than higher end chairs. This makes it a bit more abrasive to your skin. Another reason is that some people in our office said that there were times that they could feel the plastic frame.

Sitting in Akir Chair
Sitting in Akir Chair

Arm comfort is the last category that we score with the input of our entire office. The Akir scored a 71/100. This is a pretty good score, but it actually ended up being in the bottom half of the chairs we have tested.

The arms have 4-way adjustment. They are height adjustable and then the arm caps have depth, width and swivel adjustment. The arms only swivel inward, not outward. As mentioned previously, the 4-way adjustment is nice, but the range is more limited than higher end models. This is noticeable on the low end for the height adjustment. Some people may have trouble getting the arms under their desk or keyboard tray.

Akir Arm Depth Adjustment
Akir Arm Depth Adjustment
Akir Arm Width Adjustment
Akir Arm Width Adjustment
Akir Arm Pivot Adjustment
Akir Arm Pivot Adjustment
Akir Arm Height Adjustment
Akir Arm Height Adjustment

The arm pads are large, and the edges are rounded. They have a little bit of squish to them, but they are on the firm side. Some people in our office would have preferred if the arm caps were a bit softer.

One really impressive thing about the Akir is the number of ergonomic adjustments it has. With a score of 85/100, it currently ranks seventh in ergonomic adjustments and each chair that it is behind costs hundreds of dollars more.

Akir Seat Height Adjustment Lever
Akir Seat Height Adjustment Lever
Akir Seat Depth Adjustment
Akir Seat Depth Adjustment
Akir Tension Adjustment Knob
Akir Tension Adjustment Knob

The only major missing adjustment that we look for is back height adjustment. It has the rest. This includes seat height and depth adjustment. It includes arm height, width, depth and pivot adjustments. It also has adjustable lumbar support, tilt tension adjustment and four lockable positions. For an upcharge, you can also add a headrest if you need neck and head support.

Along with the numerous adjustments, the Akir has a synchro-tilt mechanism. This is a system in which the seat tilts at a lesser angle compared to the back when you lean back in the chair. This helps to keep you in an ergonomic position throughout the entire recline.

Akir Synchro Tilt
Akir Synchro Tilt

There are two-wheel options on the Akir. The first option is the standard casters. These are meant for medium to low pile carpet. They can be used on hard surfaces, but they perform best on carpet.

Akir Casters
Akir Casters

The second wheel option is for hard surfaces. These casters will be a bit softer than the standard option and they also have tighter rolling tension. The hard surface casters will come at an upcharge.

Base Options

There are two base options to choose from. The standard base is a matte black plastic. The second option is a polished aluminum option that has a higher profile design. The polished aluminum base will come at an upcharge.

The Akir has three different upholstery options to choose from. The first is a mesh back with fabric seat. It is available in black back and seat only. This will be the lowest priced option.

The next option is a mesh seat with a mesh back. You can choose either all black or all grey mesh. This option will come at a slight upcharge.

The final option will be the most expensive choice. It is a mesh back with leather seat. You can choose from black, red or gray leather to be paired with the black mesh backrest.

Great seat comfort

Like I said in the seat comfort section, I think the best thing about the Akir is the seat. Most people will find the seat on the Akir to be comfortable. The lowest anyone in our office scored the seat was a 70/100, and we had several people that scored it a 90 or more.

Good ergonomic adjustments

The overall adjustability of the Akir is another really attractive feature. The chair has almost every adjustment you could ask for. It is missing some more specialty adjustments, like back height adjustment and forward seat tilt, but it is still one of the most adjustable chairs we have tested.

4-way adjustable arms

The 4-way adjustable arms are a huge reason why the Akir chair is so adjustable. There are a lot of chairs, with much higher price points, that do not offer 4-way arm adjustment. This is another aspect that really helps to give the Akir good value.

Adjustable lumbar support

I am a fan of the lumbar support on the Akir. The pad itself is comfy but the height adjustment range offered is the real bonus. It goes low enough and high enough to cover a wide range of your back, depending on your preference.

Strong warranty

The Akir has one of the best warranties you will find at this price point. Getting coverage on all parts for the life of the chair really ensures that you will have a working ergonomic chair for years to come.

Headrest option

The headrest option on the Akir is a nice addition for people that really need head/neck support or for people that like to lean back in their chair a lot to relax. There are a lot of mesh office chairs that do not have a headrest option, so it is a nice thing to be able to add.

Some lower end components

One downside with the Akir is that it has some lower-end parts. It simply isn’t possible to make a chair for about $600 if you are using premium components throughout the chair. If you are looking for a high-end chair, with top-notch components throughout, then the Akir is not the best option.

Can sometimes feel frame on backrest 

Like most mesh chairs, the Akir has a pronounced frame on the backrest. If you are moving a lot in the chair, leaning from side to side or leaning back to stretch, you may end up leaning on the plastic, which is not very comfortable.

Arms do not go very low

The arms have a wide height adjustment range but are better suited for taller people. I was not able to get the arms low enough to get under my keyboard tray, like I have been able to do with a lot of the high-end chairs.

Firm arm caps

The arm caps on the Akir may not be a good fit if you like your arms to be soft and squishy. The caps are not hard plastic but they are among the more firm arms pads we have tested.

Trying to find an office chair that provides good value for around $400 can sometimes be a bit tricky. There will always be some trade-offs that you will need to sacrifice to get a chair for this price point. The Akir does have some downsides. It does not have a top notch build quality and the armrests won’t be a good fit for everyone. People that move around in their chair a lot may not like the frame on the backrest.

While the Akir has these downsides, it still provides one of the best values you can find in an office chair for less than $600. The overall comfort of the chair is right up there with the biggest names in the industry. It also has great adjustability and it is backed by a really solid warranty. The Akir is also designed to fit most people, so it can be a nice choice for larger orders or shared work areas.

If you are looking for a comfortable, mesh back, ergonomic chair that provides some of the same characteristics as top end models, then I would definitely consider the Akir.

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