Diodes Incorporated DZDH0401DW Ideal Diode Controller

Diodes Incorporated DZDH0401DW Ideal Diode Controller is designed to drive a p-channel enhancement MOSFET configured as an ideal diode. This controller operates as a differential amplifier and PMOS controller to minimize forward current losses when VIN > VOUT. The DZDH0401DW controller provides high isolation when VIN < VOUT. This controller compares the voltage between input and output and if the differential is greater than ~34mV (typical), VBIAS will fall and PMOS will turn on. If the differential is less than ~70mV VBIAS will rise and the PMOS will turn off isolating the input from the output. The DZDH0401DW controller offers 40V maximum input voltage, -300mA peak bias current, 50V maximum reverse voltage protection, and comes in a SOT363 package. Typical applications include high side gate driving PMOS, high side disconnect switch, battery discharge protection, emergency lighting, and active OR’ing redundant power supplies.


  • Drives a p-channel enhancement MOSFET configured as an ideal diode
  • 40V maximum input voltage
  • -300mA peak bias current
  • 50V maximum reverse voltage protection
  • Comes in a SOT363 package
  • Totally lead-free
  • RoHS compliant

Configuration Diagram

Application Circuit Diagram

more information: https://www.diodes.com/part/view/DZDH0401DW/

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