Every Under-$100 Item I’m Eyeing From Revolve’s Massive Sale

Revolve can be an overwhelming site to navigate on a regular day. Throw its new sale into the mix and you’ve got what seems like an endless amount of pages to scroll through. Weirdly enough, I quite enjoy the task of opening 100 tabs on my browser and editing down my selects to what I can only deem as the best products, period. I guess it makes sense how I became an editor, huh. Okay, so how does this relate to you? I was getting there. 

Below, I curated the best under-$100 items hiding amongst Revolve’s new massive sale. The site’s sale will be going on from now through January 31 and features items marked down up to 65%. In true Revolve fashion, everything is selling out quickly, so I would highly recommend sitting down, reading this story, and adding your favorite pieces to your cart, fast. Ready to shop what I think is the best of the best? 

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