Keyboard shortcuts: How to speed up your workflow on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS

Keyboard shortcuts are a quick and easy way to speed up your workflow on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. Keyboard shortcuts let us instantly perform actions that otherwise would have required numerous clicks. All desktop operating systems, whether it’s macOS, Windows 11 or Chrome OS, come preloaded with many such key combinations for taking screenshots, multitasking and more. However, they don’t cover everything, and they certainly can’t adapt to your preferences. Fortunately, you can easily create your own keyboard shortcuts from scratch. 

Like clockwork, we repeat dozens of tasks on our computers every day. It could be launching a set of apps as soon as you kick off the work day or playing a specific Spotify playlist at a particular time. The built-in keyboard shortcuts are not tailored to these personal workflows. With a bit of help from third-party apps, you can build custom shortcuts on Macs, Windows PCs and Chromebooks. Here’s how to get started. 

Create custom keyboard shortcuts on macOS

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