Peyton List Gets Into the Cosmetic Game With Pley Beauty

Pley Beauty is List in makeup form: vibrant, adventurous, and conscious about the planet. While it’s easy to slap a name on a cosmetic brand these days, List assures us she was involved every step of the way. That meant interviewing and hiring the right team, participating in product and creative meetings, and ensuring the brand met its clean-beauty requirements. The latter was a crucial piece of the brand for List and is one of the big things she believes sets Pley Beauty apart from other celebrity lines out there. “We wanted to make sure that our ingredients were ethically sourced, and we are Leaping Bunny certified [a guarantee that no new animal tests were used in the development of any product],” she says. It also involved avoiding the over 1500 ingredients that are on the “no” list for being detrimental to the environment. Additionally, nearly all of the packaging is made from recycled materials. “We think beauty should be fun, and it should be something where we don’t harm anyone or anything when playing with it,” List adds. 

The fact that clean beauty is an outlier and not an industry norm was a frustrating revelation for the Cobra Kai actress in creating Pley Beauty. Even more so was the fact that clean beauty often isn’t accessible. “The consumer only has so much power,” she tells us. “If you are going to CVS, that’s where you buy your makeup, and you only have a certain amount you can spend, and you want to keep up and make a change. You really only have so much power.” Pley Beauty aims to serve that consumer with a product selection ranging from $16 to $36. 

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