The 10 Best Kilian Perfumes, Hands Down

Look, I test a lot of fragrances on a daily basis. Let’s just chalk that up to my job description. Because of this, I find I’m tasked with selecting standout options often and ranking a brand’s best offerings—an assignment I don’t take lightly, because scent can be a powerful and personal thing. This time around, the brand in question happens to be Kilian Paris, founded by perfume icon Kilian Hennessey. The brand embodies elegance, luxury, and mystery so well that (as I’m sure you all know) it attracted the nose of resident It girl Rihanna. 

I decided it was time to give a few of these magical fragrances a spin for a week. After all, how else will you know if you truly love a particular scent unless you test drive it for a bit? If you’re curious about which of the brand’s perfumes should earn a spot on your vanity, keep scrolling below for my thoughts.

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