The 10 Staples Fashion Girls in NYC, L.A., and Paris Rely On

While I love diving into lively and fun trends, I definitely have noticed a rise in prioritizing basics and more timeless pieces in one’s outfit rotation. I’ve been on a mission to upgrade my collection of staples because I have been guilty in the past of opting for fleeting trends over simple pieces that can get more everyday wear. When I am styling these basics, I always look to fashion people from Paris, NYC, and L.A. for inspiration. Based on what they’re wearing and posting about on IG, it’s clear that the simple trends are standing out most because they’re easy to wear and work flawlessly with any trend.

Below, I’m talking about all the wardrobe staples, from comfy trousers to oversize blazers. Keep scrolling for more, including styling references from the coolest of the fashion set and a range of shopping recommendations

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