The 12 Best Bronzing Sticks, Hands-Down

I know what you’re thinking: Any kind of “stick” makeup immediately feels intimidating, right? It sometimes seems that only a makeup artist with the right brushes can build and blend a contour or bronzing stick to perfection. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s not actually true, my friends. With the right stick, the world is your oyster.

Obviously, that doesn’t take away from cream or powder formulas (which are equally great), but stick formulas just glide on so nicely and create a skin-like finish—it’s any makeup minimalist’s dream. Additionally, they’re so versatile as many bronzer sticks can be used to contour, and contour sticks can be used to create a matte look that still screams summer glow. Of course, because I’m a makeup freak and can’t help but share all my favorites, keep reading below for the best bronzing sticks I always tell my friends to snag ASAP.

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