The 12 Best Drugstore Liquid Lipsticks, Hands Down

Okay, here’s the tea: Any time I get compliments on my lipstick, it’s actually a drugstore formula. I swear. I’ll be the first to admit that drugstore lipstick shade ranges are pretty meh, but whenever I do find that gorgeous neutral or vibrant shade that really suits me from the discount bin, look out, world—I can’t be stopped. Usually, I’m a ride-or-die pencil-and-lipstick kind of gal, but recently, I’ve been looking to branch out.

I hadn’t really dabbled in the world of drugstore liquid lipsticks just yet and decided it was time to give them a chance. After sifting through quite a few formulas, I definitely found some serious winners. If you’re looking for a way to get that luxurious, elegant look for a few bucks less, scroll through for my favorite drugstore liquid lipsticks plus a few that earned honorable mention.

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