The 14 Best Reusable Cotton Rounds in 2022

We’re all inherently aware of the immense amount of waste produced by the beauty industry every year. Sustainability is now top of mind for many beauty brands (as it should be), and I can’t say that I’m mad at it. Although it’s important that brands begin to step up and move toward no-waste packaging, we as consumers also need to do our part.

You may think that the small things don’t matter in the long run, but even the smallest tweaks to your routine on a daily basis can make a huge difference. There are a number of ways we can streamline our routines. We can start by purchasing more waterless products, avoiding ingredients that harm the environment, and most importantly, ditching those disposable cotton pads. I know you may have gripes about that last one. The texture of reusable pads definitely takes some getting used to, even I’ll admit that. But both your wallet and the environment will thank you. I can guarantee it. To save you some time and energy researching the gold standard in reusable pads, I’ve rounded up a few winners below. Keep scrolling for the absolute best reusable cotton rounds for both skincare and makeup removal.

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