The 2022 Trends Our L.A., NYC, and UK Editors Are Backing

Our team is not only a diverse bunch in terms of style and taste, but also where we’re based. Whether it’s L.A. or Boston, I love looking at my fellow editors’ refreshing fashion opinions that cater differently from my own New York bias. I’m always interested in what the team has to say, so I decided to tap the editors from popular fashion cities: L.A., NYC, and London. While I expected some overlap, I was pleasantly surprised to see that every editor was excited for a different trend for 2022, showcasing our range across the sartorial world.

According to our editors’ answers, you should be on the lookout for maxi hemlines, oversize leather jackets, and fun crochet this year. No matter where you find yourself located, you’ll resonate with one of the trends below. Scroll on to see (and shop) the editor-approved picks.

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