The 6 Best Easy Spring Outfits With Jeans

Spring weather can be all over the place—hot, cold, or anywhere in between. As exciting as it is to think about the blooming flowers and new beginnings, there are also those miserable days when you’ve piled on layers to leave the house, only to be dripping in sweat by 2 p.m. With the transitional temps, the one item of clothing you can truly rely on is a trusty pair of jeans. No matter the weather, they’ll never fail you, so they’re a great place to start when you’re putting together an outfit this season. Wear them with a tank top and sandals or a trench coat and boots depending on the day and your mood.

Here, I’ve compiled six easy spring outfits with jeans. These are simple formulas you can follow that’ll give you some fashion inspiration for the new season, straight from the best street style stars and influencers. Hopefully, they’ll make getting dressed in the morning a *little* less stressful, even when the weather outside is unpredictable. Keep scrolling to see how you can style spring looks with a good ol’ pair of denim, and shop them below!

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