The Gap Celebrates Dapper Dan In Spring 2022 Campaign  

Harlem’s own, Dapper Dan is one of several fashion game-changers featured in a new Gap campaign that highlights a diverse ensemble of people radiating the profound joy that comes with being your authentic self— your best self.

The iconic designer and style influencer, as well as the fashion brand best known as the authority on modern American style since 1969, have collaborated to produce a limited-edition sweatshirt known as the ‘DAP GAP.’

“As a brand rooted in modern American optimism, we celebrate what it means to be your true self today,” says Mary Alderete, global head of Gap marketing. “This campaign is an honest reflection of individuals shaping culture by embracing their own paths—not what has been historically or traditionally defined for them, but what they define to be true for themselves.”

Photographer Zoey Grossman captured the campaign, which includes notable supporters of social justice, the environment, women’s rights, and other causes. Individuals breaking the creative mold, developing greater personal freedoms, and advancing progressive change can be found at the Gap.

See the creatives featured in the Gap campaign with Dapper Dan:

Kai-Isaiah Jamal

A non-binary trans-visibility artist breaking down barriers broadening the cultural understanding of identity.

Indira Scott

A creator, humanitarian, and model pushing the agenda of self-love.

Georgie Badiel-Liberty a.k.a The Water Princess

A Burkinabé model, children’s book author, and activist who has taken on the issue of the lack of potable drinking water in her West African homeland of Burkina Faso.

The Spearman Brothers: Michael and Daniel Spearman

Musicians composing music inspired by modern Black dance music educating and mentoring the youth.

Bryant Giles

A fine artist and designer creating contemporary, unapologetic interpretations of today’s social climate through intricate visual layering exploring themes of mental health, identity, and existing within flawed systems.

The limited-edition item will drop exclusively on March 10th at 4 p.m. EST on 


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