The Queen named Princess Beatrice after finding her original name ‘too yuppie’

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    The past few years of royal baby arrivals have made non-stop headline news, particularly when it comes to the Queen’s involvement.

    Yes, while most great-grandmothers don’t get much say in terms of how the child should be raised, being the monarch entitles Queen Elizabeth to carry a lot of weight.

    The Queen is said to be the first person to be informed once the royal baby in question has been born and it has been reported that if she doesn’t approve of the royal baby name, it will most likely be changed.

    ‘The Queen has the power to say what their title is,’ Royal commentator Kate Williams explained in an interview with CNN ahead of baby Archie’s birth. ‘But in the case of names, it is more of an informal conversation.’

    She continued: ‘Of course they have such respect for the Queen that if she says “I really don’t like that name,” they’d definitely take that into account.’

    This is proven in the case of Princess Beatrice, who it reemerged this week was at one point destined to have a very different moniker.

    Yes, really. Princess Beatrice was reportedly named by the Queen herself after HRH didn’t approve of the original name her parents were set on, Annabel.

    According to The Sun, Queen Elizabeth found the name Annabel too ‘yuppie’, reportedly suggesting the name Beatrice instead.

    And while it took two weeks before Princess Beatrice’s name was officially announced, all family members were said to be happy, with The Sun reporting via Associated Press that ‘the name was royal enough for the Queen but unusual enough to please Sarah [Ferguson]’.

    Well, that’s lovely.

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