This Zion elopement shows why sunrise weddings are worth it

Are sunrise weddings becoming a thing? After seeing these stunning elopement photos in Zion National Park, and this breathtaking wedding on the beach in Mozambique, we certainly hope so!

By now, in your wedding planning, you’ve likely heard of ‘golden hour’. The time of day when the most beautiful light fills the frame of your wedding photos. Dark shadows cease to exist, skin looks creamy and beautiful, and the colors shift from fluorescent brights to soft neutrals. Normally, when we plan our wedding timelines to capture the most important moments during golden hour, we forget that there are actually two golden hours in the day.

Sunrise weddings have valor, we promise. If you’re an early bird, you’re in for epic wedding photos filled with the most magnificent colors and light. Yes, it requires asking guests to wake up early to prep for celebrations. This is why elopements and small weddings can pull it off so much easier – fewer people to coordinate at dawn. Plus, elopement guests will know how special it is they got the invite, making the early alarm clock extra ‘worth it’.

Finally, just because you have a sunrise ceremony, doesn’t mean you can’t have an evening reception, too. Just like Mozambiquan wed couple Gabby and Doug, Mallie and Corrie allowed their guests to enjoy the afternoon and reconvene for a fun party under the Utahn stars.

The Wedding Adventure

We wanted our wedding day to be a stress-free celebration chalked full of everything we love. And it exceeded our expectations!

We started the day with a 4 am hike in the dark. After miles of hiking and just as the sun was starting to peek out, we reached the end of the hike and changed into our wedding attire for our ceremony. Getting to read our handwritten vows in front of our families overlooking Zion National Park at sunrise was magical beyond words!

The day culminated with our reception at Under Canvas Zion – it was a perfect evening spent eating, drinking, and celebrating with our favorite people amidst stunning mountain views and the most incredible stars.

Favorite Moments

The entire day was beyond special, so it’s hard to pick just one moment! Being able to spend the day stress-free and fully immersed in celebrating our love for each other with our immediate families by our side was everything we could’ve ever asked for.

Advice to Other Couples

Remember to enjoy the day! It only happens once and goes by quicker than you could ever imagine so don’t forget to sit back and be in the moment.

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