Top 100 Knitting Blogs, Websites & Knitting Bloggers to Follow

The blogosphere is awash with colorful images of incredible knitting designs. Which knitting bloggers are worth following?

I bring you wonderful knitting bloggers.

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Table of Contents

Found lots of inspiration? Now look at the best yarn.

Independent Bloggers

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog by Claudia Bugh

Claudia Bugh from The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog

Claudia is a passionate knitter and baker and she’s been blogging since 2007. All her posts feature something she’s knitted or a favorite recipe. Often both!

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog

I Love: Claudia features not just knitting projects but also her love for photography and cooking. The knitting projects she undertakes are gorgeous. She’s an avid sock knitter.

Now you’re inspired, learn about Portuguese knitting with my Andrea Wong Knits review.

Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Steph Pearl-McPhee from Yarn Harlot

Steph loves to spend time on knitting anything. Knitting is never a waste of time, especially if you’re knitting with love.

Yarn Harlot

I Love: Steph’s stories about her knitting projects and life are heartfelt and engaging. She is also a published author of several titles. Her most popular book is Knitting Rules!: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks.

Twitter | Instagram

You might meet some of these wonderful people at knitting events.

Knitted Bliss by Julie Crawford

Julie Crawford from Knitted Bliss

Julie loves cozy knits, international travel and cooking. She helps knitters and crafters get inspired by sharing knitting projects, craft ideas, recipes, and reflections on the crafting life.

Knitted Bliss

I Love: Julie has something for everyone, whether it be fabulous knitting patterns or craft inspiration. Her photography of her knitting projects is lovely. Any of her beautiful patterns would make a fabulous gift for knitters.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Stylish Storage Solutions by Knit Picks

Yards of Happiness by Dana

Dana from Yards of Happiness

Dana learnt to knit to help with the stresses of her life. With each knitted project her skills improved as did her love of the craft and all things yarn.

Yards of Happiness

I Love: Dana shares her beautiful knitted projects along with stories of her life. Her sweater adventures include adorable sweaters for dogs.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Find knit tools to make your knitting life easier.

Small Things by Ginny Sheller

Ginny Sheller from Small Things

Ginny loves to knit late at night when she probably should be sleeping. Ginny dyeD eco-friendly U.S. sourced yarn using natural dyes. Her family of 10 provides much joy as does caring for their animals and veggies on her property.

Small Things

I Love: Small Things has a Yarn Along where every Wednesday Ginny shares her current knitting project alongside whatever she’s reading. Ginny’s photography is stunning and her posts are delightfully engaging.


Have a look at these great gifts for knitters.

Mad Man Knitting by Gregory Patrick

Gregory Patrick from Mad Man Knitting

Gregory loves to write and knit at the same time. He writes about his knitting and yarn adventures on his blog.

Mad Man Knitting

I Love: Mad Man Knitting specializes in Knitting teddy bears and gorgeous patterns for knitted animals and bears. Amigurumi yarn is often used in his designs.


Which are the best knitting needles for a beginner? Discover more in my post.

Tea Cosy Folk by Suzy Cowper

Suzy Cowper from Tea Cosy Folk

Suzy’s designs are adorable. I love this cyclist tea cosy. So clever!
There are many knitted tea cosy patterns to choose from. In Susy’s blog she discusses her design process and the inspiration for her work.

Tea Cosy Folk - Knitted cyclist teapot cosy

I Love: I’m in awe of all the different patterns for Tea Cosies! Suzy is generous with what she shares about her work. She also provides wonderful support.

Twitter | Ravelry | Pinterest | Instagram | Facebook | Vimeo | YouTube | TikTok 

Knit Om by Becky Stewart

Becky Stewart

Becky is passionate about knitting, personal development, and conscious living. Knit Om was born from a desire to share what she has learned about the therapeutic benefits of knitting and meditation.

Knit Om

I Love: The e-newsletters that Becky creates are full of fascinating articles. Her focus on knitting as meditation and healing is interesting. I always look forward to receiving them.


Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes Bulky Yarn

Knitgrammer by Ida


Ida, an engineer living in Lapland, Finland spends her days knitting and programming. With these skills, she’s become known as Knitgrammer. Her blog features calculators and interactive knitting patterns that do the math for you!


I Love: Knitgrammer is a fabulous resource for sock knitters. Ida’s calculators and interactive patterns make sock knitting so much easier. Her patterns are not all about socks. There are also patterns for hats and mittens.

Instagram | Pinterest

If Loom Knitting interests you stay tuned as I’m writing a post about bloggers who share this passion.

A Really Good Yarn by Julie

A Really Good Yarn Logo

Julie learned to knit at four. Her dream was to own a knitting store, which she has fulfilled. She loves to share her passion of knitting.

A Really Good Yarn

I Love: A Really Good Yarn is a fun and interesting blog to read. It features new patterns and yarn supplies plus what Julie currently has on her needles.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Jeanette Sloan by Jeanette Sloan

Jeanette Sloan from Jeanette Sloan

Jeanette has been knitting since the age of seven. Colour is a significant feature of her design process. She has published several knitting resources. Jeanette is passionate about diversity in knitting, which led to a list of talented POC designers and makers being featured on her site.

Jeanette Sloan

I Love: Jeanette’s blog tagline says it all – Make. Something. Gorgeous. Her knitting patterns and designs are full of color and exciting techniques.


A ball winder for yarn is just what you need to make knitting easier.

The Knitting Doctor by Lorette

Lorette from Knitting Doctor

Lorette loves to share all her beautiful knitting projects with her readers. The title The Knitting Doctor comes from the fact that she is a physician specializing in internal medicine.

The Knitting Doctor

I Love: The Knitting Doctor shares her life stories and wonderful knitting projects. Each post is fun to read and I am sure knitters would resonate with some of the more frustrating aspects of knitting.

Yarn for baby blanket needs to be soft and washable. Find the best in my guide.

Knitting Nuances by Laura

Knitting Nuances Logo

They love sharing new ideas in knitting. Some of their ideas include tweaks to knitting techniques people already use and some of them are new concepts.

Knitting Nuances

I Love: Knitting Nuances provide helpful tutorials to newcomers who are wishing to learn more about knitting.


Now you’re inspired, how about exploring arm knitting stitches?

Kiwiyarns Knits by Wei Siew Leong

Wei Siew Leong from Kiwiyarns Knits

An addicted knitter who also loves to share her ideas and thoughts about knitting. Wei Siew shares her thoughts about New Zealand yarns purely for the love of them.

Kiwiyarns Knits

i Love: Kiwiyarns Knits has a passion for yarn and knitting. Wei Siew’s projects are gorgeous and what she shares about the different yarns is helpful.

Want to find the best thick yarn for arm knitting? Look no further than my review.

Dayana Knits by Dayana

Dayana from Dayana Knits

Dayana tells you how to fit, modify, color, texture, chop, save and wear it.

Dayana Knits

I Love: Dayana Knits does a tons of projects. They’ve been creating different designs, that will inspire other people to look forward for a new design.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Craftsmumship by Lorelei

Lorelei from Craftsmumship

Lorelei started as a mainly sewing until her blog has grown into a wider variety of crafts. She love sharing inspirational knitting and crafty ideas.


I Love: A site for fresh new ideas, achievable crafts and projects to challenge, hone your skills and meet crafty friends.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Cozy Made Things by Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson from Cozy Made Things

Kristen lives, works and blogs from a farmhouse in an apple orchard. She loves to sew, knit, crochet, and make things all day long.

Cozy Made Things

I Love: Kristen shares her magical knitting projects and stories from the journey of her life.


The Craft Sessions by Felicia Semple

Felicia Semple from The Craft Sessions

The Craft Sessions brings together people who craft for joy. Through her writing and creating, Felicia fosters a love of hand making and discusses traditional domestic handcrafts having meaning in our everyday lives.

The Craft Sessions

I Love: The photography and writing is wonderful and heartfelt. The sharing of the retreats they organize, makes you want to go!

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Vickie Howell Blog by Vickie Howell

Vickie Howell from Vickie Howell Blog

Vickie Howell is making creativity accessible through encouragement, education, cool projects and inspirational interviews via online media.

Vickie Howell Blog

I Love: Vickie is known as a personality in the knitting, crocheting and craft world with her shows. She has wonderful tutorials including reviews on tools like the best yarn winder and the best yarn swift.

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Zeneedle by Margene Smith

Margene is known as the obsessive knitter. Loves mountain hiking, spinning, blogging, reading, and knitting.


I Love: Zeneedle shares stories on her life, knitting and the beautiful area in which she lives.


Sweet Purls by Monica

Sweet Purls Logo

Monica documents her love for wool, knitting and spinning. It’s has been her passion for quite a while and she enjoys sharing her knowledge and spreading it around to the world.

Sweet Purls

I Love: Monica shares her journey of spinning yarn and knitting. Although Monica isn’t updating her blog there are lovely projects and posts to browse.

Twitter | Instagram

Knitting in France

Bogga is originally from Iceland and lives in France. She has been blogging about her interests, ideas, and thoughts to spread her knowledge and help people be inspired in the world of handicrafts.

Knitting in France

I Love: Knitting in France shares their beautiful knitting projects. She gives a glimpse into the normal and the everyday of a fiber artist, and all that goes with that.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Soule Mama by Amanda Blake

Amanda Blake from Soule Mama

Amanda Blake is a mother of five, author of three books on family creativity, and Taproot Magazine’s Editor in Chief. Her blog documented her life and creative pursuits.

Soule Mama

I Love: Amanda’s posts are a wonderful insight into a life of making and being a Mom. Look through the archives, there is so much inspiration.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Stitches & Spoonfuls by Kylie

Kylie from Stitches & Spoonfuls

Kylie loves to put all of her details on her blogs. Knitting, spinning, sewing, photography, adventures in travel, school, reading, gardening, and life. She has a online shop with botanically dyed Canadian yarn called Agrestal Yarn.

Stitches & Spoonfuls

I Love: The Stitches and Spoonfuls dyes ethically sourced Canadian wool using natural dyes. Her online shop Agrestal Yarn has lovely choices of yarn.

Instagram | Pinterest

Tight-Knit Syria by Dana Kandalaft

Dana Kandalaft from Tight-Knit Syria

Dana Kandalaft runs Tight Knit Syria a social enterprise organization that provides wool to Syrian women in refugee camps, pays them for knitting and sells their creations.

Tight-Knit Syria

I Love: Tight Knit Syria is aiming to help Syrian women to stay resilient and productive in dire times through knitting.

Facebook | Instagram

Knits All Folks by Monica Rodriguez

Monica Rodriguez from Knits All Folks

Monica wants to create an inclusive community for those that love fiber, knitting, crocheting and pop culture. She promotes the diversity of creators.

Knits All Folks

I Love: Monica’s interviews are great reads and she has helpful tutorials for beginners. Monica is passionate about promoting the diversity in the knitting community.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Knitting Squirrel by Nicolette Kernohan

Nicolette Kernohan from Knitting Squirrel

Nicolette loves sharing unique knitting projects, exploring color and inspiring others creativity.

Knitting Squirrel

I Love: Knitting Squirrel sells knitting wool and sock yarn in glorious colors & fibers.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Travel Knitter by Larissa

Larissa from Travel Knitter

Larissa’s blog is a record of not only her knitting, but also her traveling. Larissa has always loved traveling, but knitting is her more recently discovered passion, and she’s found the two complement each other.

Travel Knitter

I Love: Travel Knitter loves to share about traveling and knitting. Also yarns, knitting festivals and projects.

Twitter | Instagram

Knitorious by Vicki Mothes

Vicki Mothes from Knitorious

Vicki began blogging at Knitorious in 2004. She knits, sews, dyes, takes photographs, writes, gardens and cooks. She is truly amazed and inspired by the talent around her and been exposed to many arts and crafts.


I Love: Knitorious shares her knitting projects interwoven with her wonderful life stories. Vicki has been blogging since 2004, it’s a testament to her passion and perseverance.


Fridays with Franklin by Franklin Habit

Fridays with Franklin Logo

A man who used to be known as “the weirdo who knits in meetings” now dedicates his talents to knitting full-time. Designer, commentator and author of knitting books who is passionate about all making.

Fridays with Franklin

I Love: Franklin’s posts are engaging. His writing is delightful and his insights into the fiber community are honest and often humorous. His illustrations and his own designs are great.

QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog by Joe Wilcox

Joe Wilcox from QueerJoes Knitting Blog

Joe has a passion for knitting and writing. What he thinks, he shares with his readers and makes no apologies for his forwardness.

QueerJoes Knitting Blog

I Love: QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog is an expressive and his knitting projects are vast and varied. He has built up a strong online community and is also passionate about attending events.

Monty Knits by Claire Montgomerie

Claire Montgomerie from Monty Knits

Claire is a textiles designer specializing in knitting and crochet, constructing fabrics, garments, creatures and accessories which are fun, quirky and modern. She loves to keep her hands busy so she is constantly working on different projects.

Monty Knits

I Love: Monty Knits is no longer active on her blog. Don’t let that stop you from browsing all the goodness in her archives.

Mimi Codd Makes by Mimi Codd

Mimi Codd from Mimi Codd Makes

Mimi’s work covers many different mediums. Her knitting techniques series and knitalongs feature interesting ideas and methods.

Mimi Codd Makes

I Love: Mimi Codd Makes has lots to offer on her blog. Her posts about her own knitting progress are interesting and educational. The tutorials are worth a look for techniques like short row shaping and cast on methods.

Facebook | Twitter

January One by Cara

Cara from January One

Cara loves to knit and loves blogging to share her knitting projects.

January One

I Love: It’s no longer being updated. There are some great patterns to browse.

Knittingkonrad by Konrad Siebenhüter

Konrad Siebenhüter from Knittingkonrad

Konrad loves to share his knitted designs. His passion for knitting and his designs are adorable. He loves to knit, yarn and people who love both.


I Love: Knittingkonrad does photography, crocheting, and knitting. He enjoys Knitalongs and sharing the work of his designer friends.

Stitch and Purl by Svenna Yildirim

Stitch and Purl Logo

Svenna is a happy Mum of a two lovable boys. She shares her thoughts and ideas on her blog and loves to inspire any beginners to try knitting.

Stitch and Purl

I Love: The Stitch and Purl is not just about knitting. They also do sewing, arts & crafts, cooking and baking. The blog is not being updated but there are some lovely ideas to check out.

The Unapologetic Knitter by Meaghan Schmaltz

Meaghan Schmaltz from The Unapologetic Knitter

Meaghan is a self taught knitter who believes you should never apologize for sitting and knitting. She believes everyone should learn to knit and many of her designs can be knitted whilst watching.

The Unapologetic Knitter

I Love: The designs are well written and easy to follow. Her skills as a Tech Editor shine through. I love her socks.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Katie Writes Stuff by Katie Gatward

Katie Gatward from Katie Writes Stuff

This site was the original site where Katie shared about her life, knitting and sewing adventures. Since 2018 she’s been vlogging/blogging on Sew Old Fashioned. Her creations are inspired by Vintage.

Katie Writes Stuff

I Love: Katie’s writing is delightfully entertaining and if you get a chance I highly recommend you head watch her Youtube videos. Katie is no longer uploading, but there’s a wealth of information on Vintage knits.

woolythyme by Stephanie Young

Stephanie Young from woolythyme

Steph describes herself as not only a knitter but a gardener, antiquer, bookworm and cook. Her blog is about her knitting adventures and general day to day life.


I Love: It’s always a pleasure to read about someone’s knitting journey and Steph’s is no exception. She blogs about her knitting, photography and life adventures. Making one realise how much we knitters have in common.

Facebook | Pinterest

The Feisty Redhead by Ashley Little

Ashley Little from The Feisty Redhead

Ashley’s passion is knitting, although she loves all crafts. She works as a Craft writer and Tech Editor. Her blog features her crafting.

The Feisty Redhead

I Love: There are some wonderful knitting stories on The Feisty Redhead. Thanks to the wonderful Tech Editors like Ashley we all have access to well written patterns that work! (No longer being updated.)

Knitwear Designers

Knitting Up A Storm by Anna Maliszewski

Anna Maliszewski from Knitting Up A Storm

Anna is artistic. She created a blog about her knitting endeavors. Until then it grew and she started sharing her patterns, tips, hand-dyed yarn and more.

Knitting Up A Storm

I Love: Knitting Up A Storm are more into knitting socks and ombre hats. They love putting different shades of colors in knitted items. Anna’s patterns are gorgeous and worth having a look. (No longer active.)


A Friend To Knit With by Leslie Friend

Leslie Friend from A Friend To Knit With

Leslie started blogging in 2006. It’s her way of sharing her passions and connecting with like minded people. She has knitted many sweaters and accessories and written patterns.

A Friend To Knit With

I Love: All of her favorite moments of knitting and sometimes family life are shared on her blog. Leslie’s photography is inspiring.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

JimiKnits | Knitwear Design by Jimenez Joseph

Jimenez Joseph of JimiKnits Knitwear Design

Jimi loves to create designs that are individual and that she herself loves to wear. The knitwear patterns are fun and super cool.

Jimi Knits

I Love: Jimi’s designs use different techniques she has explored and they are always interesting. Her blog features lots of knitting goodness and her posts about the yarn and knitting events make you want to go to them!

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

West Knits by Stephen West

Stephen loves to design wild and bold creations including shawls and sweaters.

Stephen West

I Love: Stephen West’s designs are bold and exploding with texture and color. His patterns are amazing!

Facebook | Instagram


Knitdraper Logo

Knit Draper learnt to knit as a young child, thanks to her grandmother. In her High School years she started designing. On her site she shares her beautiful patterns and designs.


I Love: There are some gorgeous knitting patterns to explore on Knit Draper’s site. I love how she was inspired by designer; Joji Locatelli. I wonder how many others have also been inspired by Joji’s work?

Instagram | Pinterest

Kate Davies Designs by Kate Davies

Kate Davies from Kate Davies Designs

Kate loves writing, designing knitting patterns, and walking in the wonderful landscapes that surrounds her. She endeavors to combine them all.

Kate Davies Designs

I Love: Kate Davies Designs is inspirational and the posts she shares include amazing designs, photography, stories and the Scottish outdoors.


GG Made It by Gaye Glasspie

Gaye Glasspie from GG Made It

Gaye came to knitting later in life and has found it therapeutic and creative. She is a self confessed yarn addict and blogs about all things fiber.

GG Made It

I Love: Gaye is passionate about knitting and shares her beautiful patterns and home made designs. Her videos are helpful and fun.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Mama in a Stitch by Jessica

Jessica from Mama in a Stitch

Jessica is a Mama, Colorado gal, lover of yarn and life. She shares easy, modern knit and crochet projects. You’ll also find some DIYs, random thoughts and a bit of nature. She keeps her blog lighthearted.

Mama in a Stitch

I Love: Mama in a Stitch shares gorgeous, simple patterns, DIY ideas and tutorials. Jessica’s designs are modern and doable. Browse through the knitting goodness.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A Stitch to Wear by Grace Farrow

Grace Farrow from A Stitch to Wear

Grace Anna Farrow loves to explore more advanced techniques in knitting and design. She is also a passionate sewist.

A Stitch to Wear

I Love: There are stunning patterns to look through on Anna’s site. Although not actively blogging anymore, there is plenty of knitting goodness on her site. She’s active on her Instagram account.

Twitter | Instagram

KnitDesigns by Tian Connaughton

Tian Connaughton from KnitDesigns

Tian is a Tech Editor and designer who shares her experience about her designs and knitting adventures. She specializes in helping newbie designers to craft their big design idea so they can publish patterns.


I Love: Tian’s posts on her blog covers a range of topics related to the Knit Crochet and Fiber community. Her designs are lovely and there is plenty of knitting goodness to enjoy.

Twitter | Instagram

Never Not Knitting by Alana Dakos

Alana Dakos from Never Not Knitting

Alana is a knitwear designer, Knitting Boutique store owner and podcaster. She began designing knitwear since 2009 and has produced a unique line of patterns. She loves to share her ideas on knitting.

Never Not Knitting

I Love: Alana from Never not Knitting writes about her knitting projects with gorgeous photography and also her life stories.

Twitter | Instagram

Vanessa Smith Designs by Vanessa Smith

Vanessa Smith from Vanessa Smith Designs

Vanessa has been designing since 2010. Her passion is designing modern, chic sweater patterns.

Vanessa Smith Designs

I Love: Vanessa’s designs are gorgeous and I have found her tutorials really helpful. Particularly the invisible provisional cast on.

Instagram | Youtube

Susan B. Anderson by Susan B. Anderson

Susan B. Anderson from Susan B. Anderson

Susan loves to knit every spare moment she can find. She loves to talk about all of the good things that she encounters and is always excited to talk about her new knitted creations.

Susan B. Anderson

I Love: She has this kind of love for wool and shares wonderful ideas for knitting projects. Her designs for handknit toys are sensational and she now has her own yarn company that she runs with her son. (No longer active.)

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hazel Tindall by Hazel Tindall

Hazel Tindall from Hazel Tindall

Hazel loves Fair Isle knitting. Her designs involve colors and patterns. She believes Fair Isle is accessible to everyone and offers unique, easy patterns.

Hazel Tindall

I Love: Hazel Tindall has a book called The Fine Art of Fair Isle Knitting which is a step by step guide through the traditional craft of Shetland. Her designs are inspirational.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Knit Collage by Amy Small

Amy Small from Knit Collage

Amy wants to help you get inspired with your own creativity. She loves fiber and texture and is always challenging herself to come up with new colors and spinning techniques.

Knit Collage

I Love: Knit Collage has gorgeous patterns and yarn. The pattern designers truly bring the yarn to life and make it all wearable.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Ysolda by Ysolda Teague

Ysolda Teague from Ysolda

Ysolda loves sharing designs and ideas. Her tenacity and perseverance lead her to understanding how things worked in construction and techniques in knitting.


I Love: She has great tutorials for the beginner knitter, or those who need help. There is much to explore on her site and shop.

Twitter | Instagram

Fringe Association by Karen Templer

Karen Templer from Fringe Association

Karen is always happy to hear someone has been inspired to try a new skill, or they saw a link to the perfect pattern for their work from her blog.

Fringe Association

I Love: Karen shares stuff worth knowing about in the wonderful world of fiber arts. Her posts are an insight into her design process and the inspiration she finds from the world around her.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Wendy Knits by Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson from Wendy Knits

Wendy Knits is a lifelong knitter obsessed with knitting techniques and traditions. Her designs are inspired by methods like Fair Isle and Lace.

Wendy Knits

I Love: Wendy Knits has wonderful paid and free patterns and tips for new knitted creations.


Knitter’s Review by Clara Parkes

Clara Parkes from Knitters Review

Lover of all things yarn, from the sheep to the skein, Clara has made it her mission to educate people on the elements of yarn.

Knitters Review

I Love: Clara does indispensable reviews of yarn and knitting tools. Her reviews of interchangeable knitting needles are excellent. She writes with passion and enthusiasm to educate those interested in the fiber world.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Check out the best interchangeable knitting needles.

Grumperina by Grumperina

Grumperina Logo

Grumperina loves to share her knitting projects (particularly shawls) and loves to craft too.


I Love: Grumperina’s finished knitted projects are inspiring. She’s more active on Instagram to share her designs, projects and finished objects.


Untangling Knots by Andi Satterlund

Andi Satterlund from Untangling Knots

Andi has been knitting since 2004 and started crocheting in 2006. She loves to share new patterns and newly finished knits that have a Retro Style.

Untangling Knots

I Love: Untangling Knots is a line of independently-published patterns. They have a retro look but feature modern techniques. Her Knit Alongs are a great way to try some of Andi’s designs.

Twitter | Instagram

The Gift of Knitting by Alina

Alina from The Gift of Knitting

Alina loves knitwear and designing patterns. She loves to work with yarns in all kinds of fibers (wool, alpaca, cotton, mohair, linen, silk, bamboo). She also has featured well-established and upcoming knitwear designers from all over the world.

The Gift of Knitting

I Love: You can always learn something new here because it has step-by step photo tutorials and free patterns too!

Twitter | Instagram

Brooklyn Knit by Patty Lyons

Patty Lyons from Brooklyn Knit

Patty is a nationally recognized knitting teacher and a technique expert. She loves to see beginners learn through watching her tutorials on her blog.

Brooklyn Knit

I Love: Patty’s knitting patterns are fabulous and her tutorials are inspiring. There is always something new to learn whether you are new to knitting or more advanced.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Woolly Wormhead by Woolly Wormhead

Woolly Wormhead

Woolly is passionate about textiles and designing hats. She describes herself as a Hat Architect. Her love of sideways knitting and short rows and hand dyed keeps her producing clever and stunning hat designs.

Woolly Wormhead

I Love: Woolly Wormhead is a blog that specializes in knitting different hats to suit every individual. Great tutorials and beautiful designs/patterns. Woolly has created a wonderful online knitting community and clearly loves providing new designs for her readers. Her blog posts often contain her journey through life and the successes and challenges she experiences.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Knit and Tonic by Wendy Bernard

Wendy Bernard from Knit and Tonic

Wendy loves to blog about all her knitting projects and shares designs and patterns from her books.

Knit and Tonic

I Love: Knit and Tonic’s changing of colors and patterns are so enjoyable to knit. Wendy is the author of 4 books. (No longer active.)

Found lots of inspiring blogs? Now let’s look at some great how to knitting books.

Tanis Fiber Arts by Tanis Lavallee

Tanis Lavallee

Tanis is in love with color. She is a passionate yarn dyer and knitwear designer. The fibers for her yarns are sourced from organic farmers and then the yarn is treated with a GOTS certified organic process to make it washable without coating it in chemicals and polymers.

Tanis Fiber Arts

I Love: Tanis Fiber Arts started from an experimental hobby of dyeing yarns in the kitchen of their old apartment and has grown from there. Her yarns and knitting patterns are gorgeous as is the photography on her site.

Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Knitting Daddy by Greg

Greg from Knitting Daddy

Greg talks about knitting-related things: podcasts he listened to, discussions on Ravelry, books/patterns he checked out, and what’s on his needles.

Knitting Daddy

I Love: Knitting Daddy shares his passion for knitting and designing patterns. He is also the co-host of the podcast Unravelled.

Twitter | Instagram

Knit the Hell Out by Cassy Dominick

Cassy Dominic from Knit the Hell Out

Cassy is a knitting fanatic. Her patterns are inspired by her family members and she has a passion for designing beautiful and useful knitted items.

Knit the Hell Out

I Love: Cassy’s tips and tutorials are super helpful and her knitting patterns are gorgeous. Her writing is engaging and enjoyable.

Twitter | Instagram

Hands Occupied by Heidi Gustad

Heidi Gustad from Hands Occupied

Hands Occupied came about because Heidi wanted to share how she keeps her hands busy by creating knitting, crochet and craft designs.

Hands Occupied

I Love: Hands Occupied has beautiful designs for patterns and has excellent tips/tutorials for knitting and crocheting.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Drea Renee Knits by Andrea Mowry

Andrea Mowry from Drea Renee Knits

Andrea is a modern designer of wearable knits. She adores knitting and the community she has met through the love of fibers and creativity.

Drea Renee Knits

I Love: Drea Renee Knits focuses more on fun techniques that makes their knitted projects more interesting. You can take a sneak peek into her designs and her love of knitting and yarn in her writing.

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Brandi Cheyenne Harper by Brandi Harper

Brandi Harper from Brandi Cheyenne Harper

A self taught knitwear designer, her brand PurlBKnit uses natural materials. Brandi is an artist based in New York she has published how to pattern books and established curriculum for teaching others how to make.

Brandi Cheyenne Harper

I Love: Brandi’s designs are wonderful and bold. Plenty of knitting goodness to choose from. If you are based in New York, you might be lucky enough to attend one of her Pop up events.


Donna Smith Designs by Donna Smith

Donna Smith from Donna Smith Designs

Donna is both a textile designer and a producer. She produces range of products and also passionate on other textiles and in a particular knitting.

Donna Smith Designs

I Love: Donna Smith Design had been using a variety of textiles and techniques in their past work and have worked with pressed wool felt in recent years.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Simply Maggie by Amanda Bassetti

Amanda Bassetti from Simply Maggie

Amanda loves to share her DIY videos and picture tutorials. She loves giving people tips and ideas for knitting and patterns.

Simply Maggie

I Love: Simply Maggie has covered Arm Knitting tutorials, different yarns, and their designs are simple and easy to learn.

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube

Sheree Robinson Knitwear by Sheree Robinson

Sheree Robinson from Sheree Robinson Knitwear

If you love to wear custom designed knitted going out clothes then Sheree Robinson’s designs are for you.

Sheree Robinson Knitwear

I Love: Glitzy and glamorous knitwear designs to be found on this site. Striking and unique for going out wear.

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Mochimochi Land by Anna Hrachovec

Anna Hrachovec from Mochimochi Land

Anna is a knitter who finds inspiration in cartoon characters. Her website is a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of fun and joy!

Mochimochi Land

I Love: Mochimochi Land loves to create dknitted toys. Her designs are elightful. Her animations featuring her knitted characters are fun to watch.

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Nelkin Designs by Laura Nelkin

Laura Nelkin from Nelkin Designs

Laura is passionate about knitting and creativity. Laura’s designs her own knitting patterns, which she shares and also teaches knitting.

Nelkin Designs

I Love: Nelkin Designs have a line of knitting kits, self-published patterns, and run mystery Knit-A-Longs.

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Debbie Abrahams by Debbie Abrahams

Debbie Abrahams from Debbie Abrahams

Debbie has been passionate about hand-knitting ever since she first picked up a pair of knitting needles at six. Knitting has endless possibilities, especially when you combine color with stitch structure and embellishment.

Debbie Abrahams

I Love: Debbie’s Mystery Clubs are fun and you’ll discover many knitting techniques and skills. Debbie’s patterns are gorgeous.

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Paper Tiger by Dianna Walla

Dianna Walla from Paper Tiger

Self confessed fervent fiber nerd and frequent baker living in Montreal. Dianna is all about creativity.

Paper Tiger

I Love: Dianne shares how creativity is part of her life and the knitting projects and yarns she loves.


Knitigating Circumstances by Kelly Sloan

Kelly Sloan from Knitigating Circumstances

Kelly loves to travel, write and of course knit. Her designs are inspired by color and texture.

Knitigating Circumstances

I Love: Kelly started blogging on the insistence of her daughter Emma, who has also been involved. They love to share their designs, knitting projects, yarns they love and stories of life along the way.

Lorna Hamilton-Browns Blog by Lorna Hamilton

Lorna Hamilton from Lorna Hamilton-Browns Blog

Lorna combines her skills as an artist, researcher, educator, knitwear designer, performer and filmmaker. She speaks for the marginalized, giving people who don’t have a voice one through her art.

Lorna Hamilton-Browns Blog

I Love: Laura’s MA Dissertation “Myth – Black People Don’t Knit’ is a worthwhile read. Lorna shares her creative process and current projects.

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Julia Farwell-Clay by Julia Farwell-Clay

Julia Farwell-Clay from Julia Farwell-Clay

She learned from her Mum. Her patterns are carefully written, professionally tech edited, and comes with full email support. She enjoys how patterns are personalized in the hands and lives of their knitters.

Julia Farwell-Clay

I Love: Julia Farwell Clay designs pattern that are fun to knit and wear. The stitch patterns create fabulous textures and the effects are stunning.

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Handmade by Kunbi by Kunbi

Kunbi from Handmade by Kunbi

Kunbi talk about knitting, crocheting, creating, yarn, life and everything between, and shares free knit and crochet patterns.

Handmade by Kunbi

I Love: Kunbi’s knitted cowl and hat designs are lovely. If you also love to crochet, there are some great crochet patterns.

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Knitionary by Kristen Rettig

Kristen Rettig from Knitionary

An avid knitter and pattern writer. She loves to share knitting techniques to help other knitters get the perfect fit.


I Love: Kristen’s patterns are designed for kids, adults and dolls. Her blog posts discuss what’s on her needles and her current patterns.

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Knit and CroShay by Shay J.

Shay J. from Knit and CroShay

Shay loves knitting, crocheting, and the creativity that they afford her. She loves making things people can use in everyday life.

Knit and CroShay

I Love: Shay’s designs are full of life and creativity. Shay is active on Instagram and you can find her patterns on Etsy and Ravelry.


Jane Richmond by Jane Richmond

Jane Richmond from Jane Richmond

Jane has been designing and publishing knitting patterns since 2008 and finds inspiration in people, places, and things. As a knitter, she enjoys both the process and creates pieces that are fun to knit and wear.

Jane Richmond

I Love: Jane Richmond is a designer dedicated to providing cleanly written patterns that are easy to read and follow, and crisp photography. You’ll find their designs are often classic or simple.

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Super String Theory by Sahara Briscoe

Sahara Briscoe from Super String Theory

Sahara Briscoe develops textiles. She’s involved in sourcing and preparation to spinning, knitting, crochet, weaving, construction, dyeing and embellishment.

Super String Theory

I Love: Sahara’s creativity is vast, rich in all facets of design.


Little Church Knits by Cheryl Toy

Cheryl Toy from Little Church Knits

Cheryl is an avid knitter, instructor and a designer.

Little Church Knits

I Love: Little Church Knits create beautiful and simple designs that can inspire knitters of all levels. Cheryl offers fabulous free patterns and tutorials.

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Dakotah Knits by Mary Jane

Mary Jane from Dakotah Knits

Mary is a coffee addict, crocheter, knitter, Etsy lover and sweatpants lover. She is a yarn craft nerd and had been crocheting for 7 years and knitting for 6 years. She loves trying new techniques and patterns and is an impatient crafter.

Dakotah Knits

I Love: Mary designs gorgeous beanie hats, scarves and headbands and shares her journey of life along the way. Mary is honest and engaging.

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Oh My Knit by Olguine Brutus

Oh My Knit Logo

Olguine designs knitwear and crochet patterns. She is a self taught knitter and has been establishing her craft since 2012.

Oh My Knit

I Love: On Onguine’s blog she shares about her knitting and crochet progress and other matters that are important to her. She is active on Instagram.

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Olive Knits by Marie Greene

Marie Greene from Olive Knits

Marie Greene is the designer behind the scenes of Olive Knits. She learned to knit at her grandmother’s side when she was around 10 or 11 years old and has never put her needles down.

Olive Knits

I Love: Marie’s designs are stunning and focus on seamless knitting. She has written a book “Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 weeks.”

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Visuvios Crafts by Vincent Williams

Vincent Williams from Visuvios Crafts

Vincent is a designer of gorgeous knitted and crocheted items. His tagline says his desire for his creations. ‘Embrace, Spread and Stand In Your Own Light.’

Visuvios Crafts

I Love: Vincent’s website features the wonderful designs he creates and his collections. You will find his updates on Instagram where he features what he is doing and creating.

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Mindy Wilkes Designs by Mindy Wilkes

Mindy Wilkes from Mindy Wilkes Designs

Mindy educated herself to knit from the original book of Debbie Stoller’s Stitch n’ Bitch in 2003. She published her designs on Ravelry, and in a variety of books and magazines.

Mindy Wilkes

I Love: Mindy’s patterns are lovely and her blog features her design process and more details on the creations of her patterns. Mindy keeps her followers up to date on what’s happening on her Instagram account.

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The Drunk Knitter by Safiyyyah

Safiyyyah from The Drunk Knitter

Safiyyah has a background in fashion and teaching. She always knitted on and off but after becoming disengaged with the fast pace of the Fashion industry, she found her passion for knitwear design and making.

The Drunk Knitter

I Love: The Drunk Knitter blog posts features Mystery Knitalongs and other stories of Safiyyah’s knitting adventures. Her patterns are colorful and unique ranging from shawls to socks.

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Chic Knits Knit Blog by Bonne Marie Burns

Bonne Marie Burns from Chic Knits Knit Blog

Bonne Marie she loves making clothes. Her knitwear designs are modern and sassy. She started blogging on 2001.

Chic Knits Knit Blog

I Love: It features the updates on the designs Bonnie creates. There are handy tips for her techniques and patterns.

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Loopn Threads by Nathan Bryant

Nathan Bryant from Loopn Threads

Nathan is an artisan of knitting, crochet and hobbyist photographer.

Loopn Threads

I Love: Nathan’s designs are bold and beautiful. His photography is stunning and his blog posts share about his designing and photography pursuits.

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This Knitted Life Life by Andrea Hilton

Andrea Hilton from This Knitted Life

Andrea is a knitting addict. She uses her blog as her space to share her dreams for herself as a knitter.

This is Knit Life

I Love: Andrea shares her gorgeous knitted projects and stories of her own life, along with her lovely patterns.

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Got lots of inspiration? Check out the best yarn bowl and never let fiber roll away again!

North Knits by Jewell

Jewell from North Knits

Jewell’s knitting and crochet keeps her centered and reminds her time spent making is her best source of strength.

North Knits

I Love: Jewell’s designs feature bulky yarns that look super warm and cosy.

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Leethal Knits by Lee Meridith

Lee Meredith from Leethal Knits

Lee is a great designer who is also running Leethal Knits. Lee is posting free knitting tutorials for those interested in learning to knit.

Leethal Knits

I Love: Lee has Amazing designs and colorful patterns. Her video knitting technique tutorials are extremely helpful and easy to understand.

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Shirley Paden by Shirley Paden

Shirley Paden from Shirley Paden

For over two decades Shirley has been designing, teaching and writing instructional articles on different aspects of hand knitting.

Shirley Paden

I Love: Shirley’s designs are stunning! She’s been working on a new book that features the designs of her students inspired by her own patterns.

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Sheep To Shawl by Donna Druchunas

Donna Druchunas from Sheep To Shawl

Donna found her passion in designing patterns and writing books after years of working as a technical writer. She shares knitting information and runs retreats.

Sheep To Shawl

I Love: The knitters featured on Donna’s blog give you an insight to what knitting means to people.

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Alex Creates by Alexander Reynoso

Alexander Reynoso from Alex Creates

Alex is a yarn dyer, spinner fiber artist, crochet and knitwear desinger. He is also studying ceramics. All his fiber creations are made in his NYC apartment.

Alex Creates

I Love: There is so much color and texture in Alex’s hand dyed yarns. The items he knits up with his own yarn look great! Alex’s site is more for sales and you can catch up with his latest fiber adventures on his Instagram account.

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Debbie Bliss by Debbie Bliss

Debbie Bliss from Debbie Bliss

Debbie Bliss has a brand of highly successful hand-knitting yarns. She’s the most published knitwear designer, with over 35 books, 20 booklets and magazine. She was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s 2015 Birthday Honours List for her services to hand knitting and the craft industry.

Debbie Bliss

I Love: Debbie Bliss is known for her classic knits with a contemporary twist and particularly known for her children’s wear.

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One Lupine Fiber by Jodi Clayton

Jodi Clayton from One Lupine Fiber

Jodi started her business because of her deep love for wool and natural fibers. She blogs to share her talent and knowledge in knitting.

One Lupine Fiber

I Love: One Lupine Fiber carries a wide variety of fibers from Maine-raised sources so you’re able to have the best at your fingertips for your projects.

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Mother of Purl by Lauren McElroy

Mother of Purl Logo

Lauren envisions her business as one that uplifts and empowers women, and especially women of color. She was taught to knit by an elder. Her designs are inspired by the amazing landscape of where she lives.

Mother of Purl

I Love: The patterns designed by Mother of Purl are inspiring and unique. The historically inspired outfits she designs are fascinating.

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Harlem Purls

Harlem Purls Logo

Harlem Purl is Knitaholic with a yarn stash that never seems to dwindle no matter how much she knits!

Harlem Purls

Although not actively blogging anymore, there is plenty of inspiration to be found on this site.

Fiber Flux by Jennifer

Jennifer from Fiber Flux

Jennifer loves knitting and crochet. She designs patterns that are fun and easy to make, with clear instructions and bright joyful colors.

Fiber Flux

I Love: Fiber Flux offers a range of patterns and tutorials for gorgeous knitted items.

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Absoknittinglutely! by Nadia Majid

Nadia Majid from Absoknittinglutely!

Nadia as a spinner, knitter and dyer on this blog. Shares what she is making to give tips for other crafters.


I Love: Absoknittinglutely has come a long way since its beginnings and as a record of her first knitting attempts. Find free tutorials and a little info about their products once in awhile.

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Karie Bookish by Karie Westermann

Karie Westermann from Karie Bookish

Karie does things with wool and words. She is a full-time knitwear designer, teacher, translator & technical editor. Every time she see someone excited about a new technique or wearing her designs, she feel honored.

Karie Bookish

I Love: Karie Bookish is passionate about Knit Local, sustainable fashion, slow fashion, and the making of an everyday wardrobe.

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Creating Ruth by Ruth Churchman

Ruth Churchman from Creating Ruth

Ruth loves woolly pursuits; knitting, needle felting, crochet. She designs her own knitting patterns. Blogs about her friends – the Felty Folk, and about crafts she’s currently working on, and interesting places and art.

Creating Ruth

I Love: Creating Ruth has a lot of elegant yet simple designs and free tutorial videos to watch and learn from.

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Undergound Crafter by Marie Segares

Marie Segares from Underground Crafter

Marie Segares is a crochet and knitting blogger, designer, podcaster, and teacher. She learned to crochet from her maternal grandmother in the early 1980s. Originally having a fear of knitting, she conquered that in 2010.

Underground Crafter

I Love: Marie offers Knit A Longs and her own design free patterns for both knitting and crochet on her blog. She also features roundups of beautiful patterns by other designers.

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Sister Mountain by Clare Mountain

Clare Mountain from Sister Mountain

Claire Mountain fell in love with hand knitting in 2003, knitting obsessively throughout her teenage years and got her degree in Fashion Knitwear Design.

Sister Mountain

I Love: Claire’s knitwear designs focus strongly on her philosophy of handmade wearable wardrobe pieces. They are lovely and I love her ‘Fragment’ knitted tee.

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La Maison Rililie by Rililie

Rililie from La Maison Rililie

Rililie found knitting to be extremely helpful as a therapy to get her through a difficult period of her life. Her design process takes on some of the new and some of the old. She loves to explore different techniques in her knitting design.

La Maison Rililie

I Love: Rililie’s designs are colorful and the garment construction uses really interesting techniques.

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Company Blogs

SweetGeorgia Yarns by Felicia Wong

Felicia Wong from SweetGeorgia Yarns

Felicia and her colleagues specialize in dyeing luxury knitting yarns and spinning fibers in stunningly saturated colors. They have been sharing great tutorials or step by step videos on how they finish their products.

SweetGeorgia Yarns

I Love: Sweet Georgia Yarns has inspirational patterns for their yarns. Felcia’s videos titled “Take Back Fridays” are engaging and cover techniques in weaving and knitting plus plenty of fiber goodness.

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Indie Untangled by Lisa

Lisa from Indie Untangled

Lisa created a comprehensive resource for discovering special yarn products and built a community for those who love yarn and fiber as much as she does.

Indie Untangled

I Love: Great resource for discovering and learning more about indie dyers.

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A group of people created the best online knitting store they could.

LoveCrafts Knitting Blog

I Love: The blog is fun and has many tips and patterns to try.

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KnitPicks by Knit Picks Team

KnitPicks Logo

Knit Picks is an online knitting store that creates projects, designs and ideas. The team share ideas, knitting stories and inspiration with the online community.


I Love: KnitPicks offers great projects, patterns and knitting ideas. There is so much inspiration to be found on their site. Their yarns are so lovely.

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Ravelry by Jessica and Corey

Jessica from Unraveled

An online space where knitters share ideas and patterns. Ravelry is a place for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, projects and pattern information.


I Love: The designs and ideas are amazing and there are so many to choose from. You could literally spend years reading through all the information on Ravelry. There is so many wonderful creators to explore on this site.


Modern Daily Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner from Mason Dixon Knitting

Kay and Ann met obsessed knitters through the internet and thought it would be fun to share their knitting thoughts with the entire world. They found themselves amid a warm, friendly, smart community of knitters.

Mason Dixon Knitting

I Love: They have plenty of inspiration and knitting goodness. There’s a team of creative people making it what it is today. I love the Letters section.

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NobleKnits by Nancy Queen

Nancy Queen from NobleKnits Knitting Blog

Nancy believes knitting doesn’t need to be complex. Nor should it be intimidating. A fun approach and always remembering that it’s only a hobby is the key. Knitting is a great way to relax, unwind and to relieve stress.

NobleKnits Knitting Blog

I Love: NobleKnits Knitting Blog has a lot of knitting inspiration, and knitting projects that can be completed in little more than a weekend.

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This is Knit Blog by Jacqui and Lisa Sisk

This is Knit Blog Logo

They love to share and give other people ideas on what to design, strategies, and a lot of new things to knit.

This is Knit Blog

I Love: This Is Knit Blog features spotlights on the knitting products they stock and helpful guides and articles on patterns to try out.

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Knitty by Jillian, Kate and Amy

Knitty Logo

The Knitty Blog extends the Knitty Magazine. They blog about the latest happenings they’re involved with, and share tips on knitting.


I Love: Knitty covers helpful advice, tips and tricks to help improve your knitting confidence.

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Fibernymph Dye Works by Lisa

Fibernymph Dye Works Logo

Fiber arts are a large part of Lisa’s life. As a knitter, spinner and weaver. Her passion is hand dyed yarns. Lisa hosts a knitting videocast called 90% Knitting.

Fibernymph Dye Works

I Love: It’s a small, family owned yarn dyeing business. They havevideos and tutorials to learn from. They specialize in dyeing self-striping yarns, gradient and progressive-dyed yarns and spinning fibers.

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Blazing Needles Blog

Blazing Needles Blog Logo

A community gathering place for knitters of all levels and styles. They feature their latest events, helpful tips and what’s on offer in their shop.

Blazing Needles Blog

I Love: Blazing Needles knitters have led many charitable campaigns, from blanket knitting, to collecting yarn and needles for women and has come together to support the homeless youth in their community.

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Blue Sky Fibers

Blue Sky Fibers Logo

They have many yarns and are passionate about knitting and sharing gorgeous patterns for all knitting levels.

Blue Sky Fibers

I Love: Inspiring Yarns with lots of ideas for knitting projects.

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Loops Knitting Blog by Shelley Brander

Shelley Brander from Loops Knitting Blog

They love showing happiness, love and excitement through knitting and yarns.

Loops Knitting Blog

I Love: They have many colored yarns and share great patterns.

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Leisure Arts Blog

As a leading publisher, a team of talented designers to bring other people the latest trends in all crafting categories.

Leisure Arts Blog

I Love: Leisure Arts Blog features reliable step-by-step instructions to beginners and experienced crafters alike.

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Mass Ave Knit Shop by Susan

Mass Ave Knit Shop Logo

Susan designed her site open for people with their own ideas and designs.

Mass Ave Knit Shop

I Love: Mass Ave Knit Shop has one of the biggest selections of all yarns in all fibers, notions, accessories, supplies and they also offers classes for those who are interested in learning how to knit.


Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed

Brooklyn Tweed supports domestic textile production that surrounds the USA. Their design team produces high-quality, sophisticated knitwear patterns for the modern handknitter, specially tailored for the wool yarns they create.

Brooklyn Tweed

I Love: Brooklyn Tweed strives hard in giving original patterns that are educational and enjoyable. The collections of patterns they create are stunning.

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YAK – A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK by Kate

Kate from YAK – A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK

They are passionate about yarns. They love to share fantastic knitting projects and patterns.

YAK - A Yarn Shop for Wool and Knitting Supplies UK

I Love: A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK has their own hand dyed yarns. Latest patterns and the most innovative tools.

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Knitting Board Blog by Bethany Dailey

Knitting Board Blog Logo

Bethany’s blog is a step by step site of tutorials. She is a hands on virtual knitter that’ll guide you until you’ve finished your work.

Knitting Board Blog

I Love: It gives people ideas and the skills to learn quick knitting.

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A Twist of Yarn

A Twist of Yarn Logo

They love to give tips and advice on how to use natural products that anyone could use such as wool, alpaca, silk, cotton, hemp, bamboo, and linen; and to provide an atmosphere where anyone can be creative.

A Twist of Yarn

I Love: A twist of Yarn is operated by a family who loves everything about fibers.


Craft Gossip by Sara White

Sarah White from Craft Gossip

Craft Gossip offers knitting content from patterns to tips.

Craft Gossip

I Love: Sarah White who is the Editor is an expert in knitting. She shares some beautiful patterns from designers and knitting tips from everywhere.

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Knitting Podcasts

Fruity Knitting Podcast by Andrea

Andrew and Andrea from Fruity Knitting

Andrea shares their passion for fiber, knitting and yarn. They love to interview other passionate designers, dyers, knitters and yarn producers.

Fruity Knitting Podcast

I Love: Andrea’s interviews with Knit Designers, Yarn Dyers, Yarn Producers and Shepherdesses are fascinating and her knitting tutorials are helpful. She’s a delight to watch and her programs are professionally produced.

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Hey Brown Berry by Marceline

Marceline from Hey Brown Berry

Marce talks about a love for all things handmade. Knitting, crochet, drawing, painting, cooking, and her ambitious attempts at spinning and sewing. Using Mindful Making to balance the chaos of an unpredictable life.

Hey Brown Berry

I Love: She shares her love of knitting, latest projects and helpful tips.

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Grocery Girls Knit by Jodi and Tracie

Grocery Girls is a knitting podcast hosted by Jodi & Tracie. A couple of knitting obsessed sisters that love to talk about all things YARN!

Grocery Girls Knit

I Love: Jodi and Tracie are such fun! They have been podcasting for some time now and are comfortable in front of the camera. So much knitting goodness to watch and listen to.

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East London Knit by Renee Callahan

Renee Callahan from East London Knit

Renee loves knitting because it challenges her mind to think of new designs and color combinations.

East London Knit

I Love: Focused on useful and beautiful crafts. Renee’s interviews with other creative people on her podcasts are fabulous. (No longer active.)

Twitter | Instagram

Shinybees by Jo Milmine

Jo Milmine from Shinybees

Jo became the voice of the Shinybees podcast, a podcast for those who like knitting, yarn and comedy in equally large measures.


I Love: Shinybees’ podcasts are fun and informative. Jo’s accompanying writing is wonderful, for anyone interested in knitting.

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The Knitmore Girls Podcast by Jasmin

The Knitmore Girls Podcast Logo

Jasmin loves to share her journey of life and stories from her past. She loves to knit and spin and along with her Mom, they run Knitmore Girls Podcast.

The Knitmore Girls Podcast

I Love: Jasmin shares her life stories, fabulous parenting tips and the knitting projects she has on the go.

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Kristy Glass Knits by Kristy Glass

Kristy Glass

Since 2016, Kristy has been traveling the world and talking to all the people in the fiber industry. Her podcast features interviews with designers and people who love to knit.

Kristy Glass Knits

I Love: Kristy’s love of the fiber industry and the people who make it all happen shines through in her podcasts. The interviews she hosts feature wonderful and interesting people.


Stash and Burn by Nicole and Jenny

Nicole and Jenny from Stash and Burn

Nicole and Jenny are avid knitters and love to share their passion for their craft including dyeing yarn.

Stash and Burn

I Love: They each have a great sense of humor and a passion for knitting, that shines through their podcasts.


Stitching Over the Days by Constance Caddell

Constance Cadell from Stitching Over the Days

Constance wanted to learn knitting before crocheting and is self taught. With the help of knitting books her abilities in knitting have progressed.

Stitching Over the Days

I Love: Constance shares her works in progress whether they be about knitting, crocheting or sewing her fav designers,yarns, Book Reviews, magazine reviews, and more via her podcast.

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Ewe University by Dr Kristine Kelly

Kristine Kelly from Ewe University

Dr Kristine Kelly loves sharing everything about yarn, knitting projects and knitting tools.

Ewe University

I Love: Ewe University has fabulous reviews, interesting tutorials and Dr Kristine Kelly is honest and open about sharing her life’s journey outside of knitting.

Twitter | Instagram

KnitBritish by Louise

Louise from KnitBritish

Louise made it her mission to explore British wools and knit with those. She knits, reviews and blogs on British Wool and promotes UK producers.


I Love: The Knit British Podcast episodes feature some fabulous topics. Louise and her guests are clearly passionate about the British Wool Industry.

Pom Pom Quarterly by Meghan Fernandes and Lydia Gluck

The Pom Pom Team from Pom Pom Quarterly

They love to share patterns and useful tutorials and celebrate the joy of making.

Pom Pom Quarterly

I Love: Pom Pom Quarterly focuses on gorgeous yarns and fabulous designs.

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The Yarniacs Podcast by Gayle

Gayle from The Yarniacs Podcast

The Yarniacs Podcast is hosted by two friends Sharlene and Gayle. They discuss all their current projects and the patterns they would love to knit.

The Yarniacs Podcast

I Love: Sharlene and Gayle are passionate knitters and their projects sound amazing.

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Curious Handmade by Helen Stewart

Helen Stewart from Curious Handmade

Helen shares her love of all things knitting and designing on her podcast. Her aim is to encourage people to knit and become a part of a wonderful community.

Curious Handmade

I Love: Helen’s audio podcast runs for about 30 minutes and covers the knit alongs that she runs and her own projects she has on the go. If you love shawls, she has a Shawl Society you can join.


2 Knit Lit Chicks by Barb and Tracie

Barb and Tracie from 2 Knit Lit Chicks

Barb and Tracie are a Mom and daughter team who are sharing their knitting adventures. They also love to read and talk about that too.

2 Knit Lit Chicks

I Love: Plenty of knitting inspiration being discussed by these two women. Down to earth and full of fun.


Knitting Pipeline by Paula

Paula from Knitting Pipeline

Paula plays the Great Highland Pipes, knits, observes nature, and reads.

Knitting Pipeline

I Love: Paula shares her life stories and knitting adventures. There’s always something on her needles and I particularly love her updates about the nature that surrounds her. (No longer active.)

The Savvy Girls Podcast by Melanie and Deborah

The Savvy Girls Podcast Logo

This podcast is full of fun knitting goodness!

The Savvy Girls Podcast

I Love: Worth listening to while you knit!

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Knit 1 Geek 2 by Karen

Knit 1 Geek 2 Logo

Super Karen and Mega Maggie host a podcast featuring knitting and geekery.

Knit 1 Geek 2

I Love: Karen and Maggie haven’t been updating their podcast for a while now but there is plenty of episodes if knitting and geekery are your passions too.


Relentless Knitting Podcast by Karla and Emily

Karla and Emily from Relentless Knitting Podcast

Emily and Karla share all their knitting and life adventures including what they have on their needles, the patterns they love and yarns that inspire them.

Relentless Knitting Podcast

I Love: Two busy women who are actively building a knitting community through their podcast and Ravelry group. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!

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Truly Myrtle by Libby

Libby from Truly Myrtle

Libby is passionate about all things handmade. She is a knitting pattern designer and also is an avid sewist. Her podcasts are in video and audio form.

Truly Myrtle

I Love: Libby podcasts twice a month. I love listening to her latest knitting design adventures and hearing about her handmade wardrobe.

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Doubleknit by Erin and Jessica

Doubleknit Logo

Erin and Jessica have been podcasting about knitting since 2008! They have a wonderful time sharing all their knitting goodness.


I Love: The tagline for their podcast really sums it up – “Their is no single podcast like it!” Erin and Jessica are fun to listen to and the patterns they feature are gorgeous. (No longer active.)

Geeky Girls Knit by C.C. & Dami

C.C. Dami from Geeky Girls Knit

CC and Dami host the Geeky Girls Knit podcast. CC is a knitwear designer and Dami is a passionate knitter and student. Together they share knitting adventures and life stories.

Geeky Girls Knit

I Love: CC and Dami have an active Ravelry Group and encourage their members to introduce themselves to be shout out on their podcast episodes. They both share their current WIPs and what’s going on in their lives.

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ACTuallyKNITting by Chelley Fleshman

Chelley Fleshman from ACTuallyKNITting

Michelle began her knitting podcast in 2014. Her passions are knitting and acting and tries to do these activities as much as she can in her spare time.


I Love: Although not currently recording podcasts, there is plenty of knitting goodness to be found in her archives.

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Backstage Knitting by Bethany

Bethany from Backstage Knitting

Bethany started her Backstage Knitting Podcast back in 2016 and has established a knitting community who also share a passion for Theatre.

Backstage Knitting

I Love: Bethany’s podcasts feature her current knitting projects and loves to always use colors in her work.

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Woolful by Ashley Yousling

Ashley Yousling from Woolful

Ashley’s Making podcast uses a creative journey approach with guests from all aspects of the making community. Previously the Podcast was known as Woolful. You can still listen to those previous episodes.


I Love: Ashley is easy to listen to and the interviews with makers and producers are engaging. Check out the Making Zine which is published bi-annually.

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Keep Calm and Carry Yarn by Alyson and Vivian

Alyson and Vivian from Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn is a podcast in equal parts measure about knitting, crocheting with mother-daughter co-hosts, Vivian and Alyson. Join them for their twice monthly chats.

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn

I Love: Vivian and Allyson talk about their latest projects and yarn obsessions and is available in audio or on their Youtube channel.

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BHooked Podcast by Brittany

Brittany from BHooked Podcast

Brittany gives fabulous crochet and knitting help via her podcasts.

BHooked Podcast

I Love: Brittany’s podcast is mostly about crochet but on occasion there is something about her knitting adventures.

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Hey Sister Podcast

Two sisters; Tabi and Rachel with a love for knitting! Encouraging people to become a part of the lovely online knitting community.

Hey Sister Podcast

I Love: Tabi and Rachel share their knitting adventures about once a month. The video podcast features their latest WIPs and handmade sewn items. They are active on Instagram and run a hand dyed yarn company.

Artic Knitting Podcast by Emilie

Emilie is a norwegian knitter, sewist and hand dyer of yarn. The podcast is about her projects and yarny inspiration.

Artic Knitting Podcast

I Love: Artic Knitting Podcast episodes are about once a month and feature Emilies lovely Norweigian knitting adventures.

The Unraveling Podcast by Pam Maher and Greg from Knitting Daddy

Pam Maher from The Unraveling Podcast

Hosts Greg from Knitting Daddy and Pam Maher talk about all things related to the fiber community and also crochet and sewing.

The Unraveling Podcast

I Love: Greg and Pam have some great stories to tell about their current knitting adventures and what is going on in their lives. They feature stories about yarn companies, knitwear designers and more.

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Quirky Monday by Nadiratani

The Quirky Monday Craftcast is hosted by Caleisha. Her podcasts feature her knitting and crochet projects and her yarn spinning adventures.

Quirky Monday

I Love: Caleisha is down to earth and a pleasure to watch. She clearly loves to share with her knitting community. There are some great tips to be found.

Sweet Tea No Shade by The Team at Sweet Tea No Shade

Sweet Tea No Shade Knitting show hosts Scott and John share about their knitting adventures in Minnesota.

Sweet Tea No Shade

I Love: Scott and John are passionate about knitting and all things yarn. Their knitting stories are down to earth and from the heart.

Sew Perfect Purls Knitting Podcast by Jade

Jade’s knitting podcast features a lot of spinning content. She is a multi-crafter who does knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting and sewing.

Sew Perfect Purls Knitting Podcast

I Love: Jade’s crafty adventures are wide and varied. The projects she shares are beautiful and clearly Jade has a zest for life which shows through in her videos.


Smells Like Yarn Podcast by Ross Rochester

Ross Rochester

Ross the host of Smells Like Yarn Podcast has a passion for yarn and knitting. He loves to talk about his knitting projects, sometimes crochet but mostly about knitting.

smellgreatguy knitting podcast

Ie Love: Ross clearly enjoys broadcasting and sharing about his knitting projects. I love the shelves of yarn in his studio!

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Fiber Tales by Laerke

Laerke the host of Fiber Tales creates engaging podcasts about her designing and knitting adventures.

Fiber Tales

ILove: Laerke’s podcasts have the most beautiful introductions with video footage of the nature that surrounds her and still photography of her knitting projects. Her stories are engaging and she is a delight to listen to and watch.

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Knitting Expat Podcast by Mina

Mina took up knitting when living overseas back in 2014 and hasn’t stopped knitting. Her podcast was born out of a desire to share her passion with others as she continued to live in different countries. Hence the name of her Podcast and Blog – The Knitting Expat.

Knitting Expat Podcast

I Love: Mina’s videos cover lots of topics, her Knitting Podcasts cover her latest projects and designs. She has a great variety of tutorials available too. If you love to travel, you will be interested in her Knitting Expat Vlogs.


Happee Knits by Yolanda

Yolanda is a wife and the mother of 3 wonderful kids. This channel is dedicated to anything dealing with knitting.

Happee Knits

I Love: Yolanda and her son Jordan host the podcast. Yolanda shares knitting projects and yarns she loves and their everyday lives. It’s entertaining.

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Amy Florence by Amy Florence

Amy lives on the South Coast of England and her knitting podcast features knitting, yarn dyeing and sometimes spinning.

Amy Florence

I Love: Amy’s knitting projects are lovely and she is clearly enthusiastic of working with yarn and needles. There are sometimes giveaways and Amy’s recommendations on what books she loves.


Arne & Carlos by Arne and Carlos

Arne and Carlos are well known knitwear designers in the knitting community. Their podcast features their designs, yarns and knitting tutorials.

Arne and Carlos

I Love: Arne and Carlos are entertaining and their knitting patterns are beautiful. The featured tutorials cover many different techniques. The Q&A videos where fans get to ask Arne and Carlos questions are really interesting.

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Knitting By The Sea by Lisa Lessard

Knitting by the Sea Podcast is hosted by Lisa (Saratogaknitting on Ravelry and Instagram) and she lives in Marblehead, MA. The podcast is recording in Lisa’s home that has a lot of history.

Knitting By The Sea

I Love: The segments on The Knitting By The Sea podcast feature Lisa’s projects, Meet the designer, yarn and fabulous patterns.

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Skeindeer Knits by Eli

Ally is a Norweigian knitwear designer living in London. Her podcast is a knitting talk show where she talks about knitting for about an hour every week. The chat features what she is working on, what she has finished and also the designs she creates.

Skeindeer Knits

I Love: The designs created by Ally are lovely and she is entertaining to watch. I particularly like that she covers topics that are being discussed in the knitting community.


UK Knitting Blogs

The Twisted Yarn by Phil

Phil from The Twisted Yarn

Phil loves to blog about knitting and crocheting and to share stories of her family life.

The Twisted Yarn

I Love: Phil from the The Twisted Yarn writes really interesting posts about her knitting projects with family life stories interwoven. Phil has a wonderful sense of humor and her reviews of knitting tools are helpful.

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Little Cotton Rabbits by Julie Williams

Julie Williams from Little Cotton Rabbits

Julie created her blog about her life, living with an autistic son and knitting. She shares her finished items and patterns via posting or video tutorials and loves to share her beautiful photography of the gorgeous area she lives in.

Little Cotton Rabbits

I Love: Little Cotton Rabbits has superb photography, gorgeous patterns to try and the articles Julie writes are heartfelt and interesting. Her knitted animals are simply adorable.

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My Sister’s Knitter by Andi Gal

Andi Gal from My Sisters Knitter

Andi uses her blog as a place to feature their knits, their favorite knitters, knitting inspirations and some crochet thrown in.

My Sisters Knitter

I Love: My Sister’s Knitter yarn looks amazing and their patterns are stunning.


Shortrounds by Beth

Beth from Shortrounds

Beth was influenced by her Mum, Grandma and Aunties. She started teaching herself how to knit and created knitted designs.


I Love: Beth loves sharing her knitted designs and offers free patterns on her blog. Her passion for designing knitted items is clear.

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Knit British by Louise Scollay

Louise from KnitBritish

Louise started her blog with a post on a local yarn and she was ashamed to discover almost all of her stash was imported wool.

Knit British

I Love: Knit British is focusing on British Wool, Yarn fibers and Yarn Dyers with beautiful patterns.

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Planetpenny by Penny Graham-Jones

Penny Graham-Jones from Planet Penny

Penny loves to share her passion for knitting, crochet and needle felting.

Planet Penny

I Love: Penny writes about her wonderful crafting experiences interwoven with her life stories. She also shares her gorgeous knitting patterns.

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Coop Knits by Rachel Coopey

Rachel Coopey from Coop Knits

Rachel is sharing patterns to give both experienced and novice knitters the chance to create socks that are beautiful and wearable, while being enormously enjoyable to knit.

Coop Knits

I Love: Coop Knits are more on making knitted socks using different color of yarns and that is mostly have been their trademark.

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Max’s World by Max Alexander

Max Alexander from Maxs World

Max had been designing and making jewellery for knitters. She loves knitting and the designs sprang out of her desire to wear something woolly even when it was too warm for knitwear. Her passion are knitted Moths.

Maxs World

I Love: Max’s World is not just only focusing on knitting and other crafts, but also it has featured sculpture and animations.

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Emma Varnam’s Blog by Emma Varnam

Emma Varnam from Emma Varnams Blog

Emma is a successful crocheter and knitting designer. She enjoys being creative with her designs and loves sharing her experiences and inspiration.

Emma Varnams Blog

I Love: Emma’s crocheted and knitted projects are wonderful and she has excellent pattern books. She sometimes shares gorgeous free patterns. Her stories of her life as a designer are engaging.

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Wool Warehouse Blog

They love sharing about their new knitted designs and giving other people free patterns to try.

Wool Warehouse

I Love: Lot of patterns, yarns to choose from. From different brands, colors, strands and different designs of knitted products.

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Muir & Osborne by Sally and Joanna

Sally and Joanna from Muir & Osborne

Since the early 80s Joanna and Sally have enjoyed an amazing journey with knitting, designing and owning shops. They love to come up with a unique design of knitted animal and costumes.

Muir & Osborne

I Love: Muir and Osborne write books, create knitted animals for kids and design knitted costumes for Dog Shows.

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Hand Knitted Things by Julia Marsh

Julia Marsh from Hand Knitted Things

Julia likes posting her designed knits to share her passion for knitting and also as a way of documenting her knitting projects and sharing them with others.

Hand Knitted Things

I Love: Hand Knitted Things has been dedicated to their hand knits designs. They have socks, mittens, hats and more.

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London Loop Knit Lounge

Loop Knit Lounge Logo

Loop London is a textile emporium in London. They stock gorgeous knitting, crochet + embroidery supplies from all over the world. Their blog Look Knit Lounge features new pattern releases and spotlights on the gorgeous yarn they stock plus giveaways.

Loop Knit Lounge

I Love: If you love yarn and all things knit and crochet, the shop in London would be amazing to visit! The blog keeps you up to date.

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Gartur Stitch Farm by Kat Goldin and Kevin Harrison

Kat Goldin and Kevin Harrison from Gartur Stitch Farm

Gartur Stitch Farm are passionate about making, gathering and growing and love to share their passion through courses, events and retreats.

Gartur Stitch Farm

I Love: The blog covers the latest happenings on the farm which are a lovely read. On their site they offer a range of helpful knitting tutorials. The photography of their farm life is just beautiful.


Winwick Mum by Christine Perry

Christine Perry from Winwick Mum

Christine lives in a place called Winwick and has a yarn business. Her passion for all things knitting was the inspiration for beginning her blog and business.

Winwick Mum

I Love: Winwick Mum blog features articles written by Christine about her knitting adventures, her signature sock yarns and sock Knit Alongs. Her video tutorials on creating socks are super helpful.

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Arnall-Culliford Knitwear by Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford

Dr. Jen Arnall-Culliford from Arnall-Culliford Knitwear

Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford help knitters improve their knitting techniques. Both are passionate about knitwear and have published knitting technique books.

Arnall-Culliford Knitwear

I Love: I first saw Jen and Jim on a Fruity Knitting Podcast episode. They were so passionate about what they do and since then I have followed a number of their helpful tutorials. AC Knitwear work with some wonderful designers that create gorgeous patterns for their A Year of Techniques series.

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Yarn Addict by Anniken Allis

Anniken Allis from Yarn Addict

Anniken’s Yarn Addict blog features her knitting design journey and super helpful tutorials. She offers her own patterns on the site and she has also published a book on Beaded Lace Knitting.

Yarn Addict

I Love: There is a huge list of helpful tutorials on Anniken’s blog. I found the tutorials on Lace Knitting easy to follow and understand. Anniken’s patterns are lovely and certainly worth browsing.

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English Girl at Home by Charlotte Powell

Charlotte Powell from English Girl at Home

Charlotte’s blog records sewing, knitting, dyeing and other crafty projects. She has also attempted spinning and weaving.

English Girl at Home

I Love: Charlotte is not actively blogging but don’t let that stop you from sifting through her posts. Her blog posts are well written and engaging and the featured projects are lovely.

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Knit With Attitude by Maya

Maya from Knit With Attitude

Knit with attitude is a small independent shop specializing in eco-friendly yarn and accessories for knitting and crocheting. Maya writes a blog on the yarns she stocks and beautiful patterns to try.

Knit With Attitude

ILove: The Yarn Pairings feature on Knit With Attitudes blog is fabulous. The yarns look amazing and the knitting patterns that use the yarns are beautiful. There is plenty of knitting loveliness to be found on this knitting blog.

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Linda Whaley by Linda Whaley

Linda Whaley from Linda Whaley

Linda Waley has been in the knitwear design business for years and always creates something amazing. She has four labels and publishes patterns.

Linda Whaley

I Love: Her blog has a beautiful design, accessible and great to look at. The photos are fabulous too. She’s a talented designer.

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The Wool Nest by Lynne Rowe

Lynne Rowe from The Wool Nest

Aynne Rowe is a crafter and knitter who wears many hats. She’s an author, editor, journalist and podcaster, combining her love of knitting and crochet.

The Wool Nest

I Love: Whether it’s podcasts, articles, workshops or pattern, Lynn has you covered. She’s also written several books.

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UK Hand Knitting

Kate from YAK – A Yarn Shop For Wool and Knitting Supplies UK

UKHandKnitting celebrates the joy of handmaking something in this age of mass-produced items. They focus on independent shops, dyers and designers.

UK Hand Knitting

I Love: As well as putting the spotlight on talented creators in the yarn and knitting industry, they have knitting tips, free patterns and more.


Knit With Hannah by Hannah

Hannah from Knit With Hannah

Hannah is a successful knitting tutor who publishes patterns and runs courses for all levels of knitting. She has a course on being a handmade knitwear seller.

Knit With Hannah

I Love: She has an excellent Youtube channel and blog, brimming with expert advice. The results of which she has accumulated in all her years of knitting.

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A Kingfisher Morning by Juliet Bernard

Juliet Bernard from A Kingfisher Morning

Juliet Benard owns Kingfisher Morning, a yarn arts blog. Her main interest is knitting and trying new patterns. She also dabbles in crochet and embroidery.

A Kingfisher Morning

I Love: She gives regular updates on her knitting. It’s great to see her current project. Her site has plenty of articles on other topics too!

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The Penguin with the Pointy Sticks by Bronagh Miskelly

Bronagh Miskelly from The Penguin with the Pointy Sticks

LaPurplePenguin was born in Northern Ireland but lives in London. She’s a journalist, knitwear designer, and tech editor. She finds time to do what she loves most. Fencing, jewelry making, and knitting.

The Penguin with the Pointy Sticks

I Love: She often posts series of themes or images that inspire her work, it’s always great to see what sparks her ideas! The mix of hobbies makes for an interesting read. Her crafty creations are fabulous.


Mostly Knitting by Liz Hassal

Liz Hassall from Mostly Knitting

Trundle Bug, or Mostly Knitting, is a blog run by a passionate knitter who lives with her family on the top of a hill. She loves to read as much as knitting.

Mostly Knitting

I Love: She has posts on her current reads, and her knitting projects. She loves to discuss her hobbies with those that share the interest. (No longer active.)

The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty by Josie

Josie is a UK native, living in a cozy home which she swears is insulated with yarn and fiber! She’s a teacher and in her spare time knits and crochets. She makes all sorts of projects, the more ambitious, the better!

The Woolly Adventures of a Knitting Kitty

I Love: Her skill is to be admired! Josie takes on some incredible projects. She also occasionally posts reviews on books on her favorite crafts.

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We Are Knitters

We Are Knitters Logo

This blog is run by We Are Knitters, a company that sells knitting and crochet supplies. They collect all sorts of helpful tips, tricks and information on stitches and lots more!

We Are Knitters

I Love: There’s a consistent posting schedule. The list of interesting articles and information keeps growing! Plenty of helpful tips for any level of skill.

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Plenty of great knitting blogs to inspire you. I know you’ll find something helpful and interesting on the knitting blogs I’ve shared.

Share your favorites by leaving a comment below or contacting me here.

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