UK and Japan strengthen O-RAN co-operation

The UK Minister for Digital Infrastructure Julia Lopez and Japan’s Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Yuji Sasaki met in London.

They agreed several joint initiatives to support efforts to reduce the global overreliance on a small number of suppliers to build and maintain telecoms networks.

Both nations committed to greater information sharing and deeper cooperation on R&D particularly O-RAN.

The Japanese and UK governments also agreed to share information and facilitate joint efforts between industry and academia in both countries to develop future communications technologies such as 6G.

“It is my great pleasure to announce the telecommunications cooperation framework between Japan and the UK which will promote vendor diversification, including for 5G,” said Sasaki, “a secure, competitive and innovative supply chain is essential. Japan and the UK will pursue this together through this new framework.”

The UK has already announced similar partnerships with India and the US to work closer together to achieve shared ambitions on telecoms diversification.

These will support the UK’s £250 million 5G Supply Chain Diversification Strategy which seeks to build a more competitive and diverse telecoms supply market by supporting incumbent suppliers, attracting new suppliers into the UK market and accelerating the development and deployment of open-interface solutions such as O-RAN

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